11 October 2004

It's All Good

It's All Good Pressure Pressure
So I've set up this blog and never really have the time to write. Oh I have so many thoughts and ideas, but just never the time. But I'ts all good.

So, I usually go to the gym in the mornings and do a power workout of body sculpting with weights. I'm seeing lots of improvement and just know that I'm in tip top shape....well not really tip top, but pretty good shape. Now, this morning, a few changes indicated, that I will not be making my routine trip to the gym. So i say self...you just got to get a workout today. I check the schedule and yes, there is a stretching class at midday. I'll just take that...an easy hr of stretching and then 20 mins on the eliptical trainer and I'm set.

So off to class I go. I get there and there is only 5 other people...I'm thinking....hummmm small class esay stuff....well huh...was I fooled. The darned woman stretched every muscle and ligament in my body, some I din even kno I had. For all you out there who have ever taken a yoga or chachana stretching class...you know just what I'm talking about. NOw I've done yoga before, I've been exercising all my life, I can handle this, I lift weights, do step aerobics, the works....then why was this one simple stupid stretching class killing me. I endured a hour of pulling and breathing and stretching...it seemd like the longest hour of my life...and to make matters worse, I din even break a sweat. At the end of my torture...the instructor comes to me and says good job...I can barely walk and she telling me bout good job. Is she mad, then she and the other have the nerve to tell me to come again.

I had no choice after that than to do a 20 min workout on the eliptical which felt like another hour and then finally, sit in the steam room for about 15 mins which felt like only 2mins. But you know what, I feel good and I'll go again, but first I have taebo tomorrow...and It's all good.


Jdid said...

ya trying ta kill yaself or wha

WIGIT said...

Girl, I hear ya. Unlike you however, I haven't exercised since 1997 (that's when u dumped me JDID). But I've recently joined a Capoeira class and boy oh boy. As you say...it's all good.