27 January 2005


Let me startoff by wishing everyone a happy day!!!!
For the folks in North America, I wish you both a happy and warm day. It's times like these when I can't complain of living in South America. Yesterday we had temps in the mid 80's and it's to be thtat way again today. Funny thing though, as hot as it was and usually is, younever see anyone wearing shorts. I never did understand that. I mean in the Caribbean, we live in shorts, the North America, May doan hit good before de temps in de low 70's and we bustig out the shorts. But here noooo...walk around town in some shorts and the looks and stears you get will surely kill you. So I went tuh do some investigation as tuh why you never se people in shorts or women in skirts. here is what I found.

The latin American men, equate wearing shorts with being gay, ah fag, ah homo. What the.... ??? So as hot as it gets men walking bout the place in long pants cause dem ein want nubodie tuh think dat dem gay...OK..... so what is the story wid women.

The temps in de high 80's,90's and women in tight, tight, tight ah mean tight jeans, low riders and boots and turtle neck sweaters. I ein kidding...dis is fuh real. why???? because shorts gine show duh inperfect, celluite legs and dem can't have that. Skirts doan show de body parts, if yuh know wha ah mean. skirts ein gine show de "figure", de print out (get de picture) so um is tight pants stick on pun yuh ..wunna remember dah Andy "blood" Armstrong stong....stick on pun she now....ok...so in de midst ah all de heat, humidity and sweat of the city.people walking bout in long pants and turtle neck. Wunna gine ask why de turtle neck. Well hey, these is people dat wanna emmulate de American culture, so Americans wearing turtle neck and boots now and so are them. It doan matter dat when summer come or any sign ah heat, the North Americans does look fuh de least amount ah clothes possible.

The thing here is that while people from NA does change fashion and style, the people down hey does be in the same thing year after, year after year...um does tek like 5yrs or so fuh dem tuh realize dat the style in NA done change....but dem doan care, cuase 10yrs form now yuh gine come and still see tight pants and turtle neck. No shorts or sneakers...oh yea, de girls doan wear sneakers or sandals atall...um is bare hig heel shoes.

So i dunn ragging latin culture now

Can anyone tellme how I can fix muh blog were all muh info waaaaayyyy down at de bottom ah de page. it mekking muh page look like it ein gotnuttin on it.


Jdid said...

the blog still looking good in mozilla, i aint kno wha wrong wid IE, lol

for the record though although I dont equate shorts with gay I dont wear shorts. You might see me in shorts once or twice at the gym and if I in bim the only place ya seeing my legs is at the beach. hmmm, boy I might have to write a blog about this.

Scratchie said...

Hi, Blogger eating comments is getting a bit too much now. Anyway, with the heat here in Jamaica, short are common place both men and women. We tend to adapt the North American style quite quickly.

The problem with the blog would have to be fixed by editing your template. It looks like your current post is placed ahead of your site's static info. It's hard to tell you how to correct it without actually seeing it but if you go to the template and follow the pattern you should be able to see the problem.

Campfyah said...

Thanks Scratchie...I'll try to work on that tonight.
off to the gym ow for some serious body work.