21 January 2005

Qué una Semana

Dosen't it make you mad when you spend a good 10-15 mins sometimes more writing a email or blog and then when you hit send, it disappears into cyberspace. Well that just happened to me, so I'm pissed. don't have the time right now to write the whole thing all over again. cyramba!!
But i'll repost it before the weekend is done.

I promised you that I'll get back to the blog before the weekend is over. So here goes my original blog in a quick wrap up. The week went by pretty fast, so I wasn't able to write much. I barely had time for myself. I started off the week going to a meeting filling in for someone and before you know it, the board members wanted to vote me into the Board of Directors. can you imagine such. Yo see, I did some work for them last year and they liked it so much that they have pegged me as their graphic artist and wants me to stick around. Now they have given me another task to accomplish without first inquiring wheteher I can do the job or not. So having to save face, I'm trying. I can't let them down now... so if anyone out there kows how to transfer an excel document into publisher as a booklet, please help a sister out. I have no complaints though as it's a pretty decent orgaization and will look pretty darn good on my resume. I am gettin myself in the frame of mind of leaving Caracas by Sept of this year and returning to the Real World 9-5 job and all.

After Monday it was all downhill so fast, but It's all good because that's one less week I'll have here in Carcas. By the time Thursday rolled around, I realzied thatI'm loosing myself so it's time for some pampering, so I did the manicure and pedicure thing, the waxing thing (not so bad the second time around) and finished the day off with a nice 30 min massage...ahhh, but it was Friday the beginning of the weekend (fin de semana) andoff I go again. When will it ease up?

So the fin de semana is here, so time to relax, grab some movies, some popcorn and a glass of wine. Hopefully next week will be easier once I finish this next project.

For my North East bloggers, do stay wrm and dry with that vicious weather


Jdid said...

ya gotta save in between as ya writing

Abeni said...

Sometimes when it disappears it goes to Posts.So I usually check there to see if ended up there.But yeah that is really annoying because you can never remember what you wrote.