10 February 2005


TGIF. Well that don't go for everyone, but I'll take it for most of you. What's up for the weekend? It's going to be another tired and true weekend here in Caracas. Big city with not a darned thing to do... My countdown to leave here is definitely speeding up.

I meant to blog on this subject earlier this week, but the rains had me refocused, so I'm now getting the chance. Tis the season of Lent. When we are suppose to repent of our sins and sacrifice for the 40 days that Jesus was in the wilderness. Usually during Lent people mek decisions to give up dis or dat, or incoroporate dis or dat into their routine. One of the popular sacrifces people make is to either stop smoking or drinking during the period of Lent. Cursing is another vice that some people decide to give up on. All good intentions, but what happens the Monday after Easter? Do you revert to your old ways and the 40 days of sacrifice go in vain or do you continue with your efforts.

Since I try my best to live a decent life throughout the year, I really don't have much vices to give up on (notice I ein say dat I ein got NONE, just not much). However, I have decided to hold off on the alcoholic breverages, eat fish on fridays, eventhough I don't really like fish, so that one might not last long and I intend to spend more time on spiritual matters. Just simple little things. One of the things the hubby and I decided to do is to review a book we read last year for a series at church. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

The book is six chapters with 40 lessons to read. One lesson a day. So we should be finished in time for Easter. It's designed to help you find what is your purpose here on earth. Deep question huh? What is your Purpose in life, have you find it as yet, are you interested in finding out why are you here on Earth. Do everyone ever finds their purpose in life. These are deep soul searching questions.

I ein sure that I find my purpose yet, I still searching, but I'm not giving up hope. The question really isn't what your purpose is, but what is the Purpose that God has for you. Cause for example, you might think that your purpose is to be the next big movie star, but God might design that your purpose is tuh be ah ordinary Joe Smoe working at the gas station, but is a great helper and counselour tuh someone...we never know...so if yuh think you fighting hard at something and it just ein working for you no matter how you try, that might just not be the purpose God has in mind for you.

But I ein wanna sound too holier dan thou today, but just wanted to share some thoughts on Lent and finding your purpose in the world. I think the way the world is going nowadays, it's time a lotta tek a look at where we are now and where we are going and want to go. There is just too many signs of things to come. looka all de natural diasters...thing tuh mek yuh go hummmm..

Have ah good day...ah gone !!!!!!!!!!!


Scratchie said...

So true Campfyah, Too often we see people "force" themselves into situations where they shouldn't be. They then can't perform because they really should not be there. I haven't found my purpose yet but I trust that it is what my daily life is about.

Jdid said...

hey funny that you mention that book. Someone (you know them fromback in the day) recommended it to me yesterday and I ordered it on amazon.

I aint giving up anything for lent though but I might go and roll round in some sackcloth and ashes

Abeni said...

Many times I wonder why am on this earth or even why am alive.Still have no clue what is my purpose.I know I have a passion for teaching as that really makes me feel useful but beyond that I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Camp. I'm not into the 'giving up' thing for Lent. Perhaps I am not as religious as I ought to be. I'm not aware that having a drink with friends to share camraderie makes us unholy. In the same way I don't feel that regular attendance at church makes anyone more likely to receive salvation that someone who infrequently attends but has a respect for God and lives with his/her fellow man decently.

Anyway, I not here to preach.

I think I know what some of my purposes in life are....not sure if I know them all yet though. I also think that some of our purposes change with our station in life, as well as our maturity. Keep searching and thinking and hopefully you'll find yours.

BTW, thanx for opening up to anon commentors like me who nuh have nuh blogger account! :-) Dr. D.

Melody said...

Campfyah, that's a deep question. Sometimes ah feel like ah know mi purpose, but de challenge is to get mi-self to de point where ah can fulfill mi purpose as best ah can. Ah tryin' though, an' if mi time ends before ah fulfill mi purpose, ah hope God will give mi an 'A' for effort!

Angry Dog said...

Your post reminds me of a sermon I went to a few years ago entitled "Your plan, God's purpose". Sometimes I really question my purpose in this world, but after listening to the man preach that Sunday, I've learned that sometimes you just have to let go and let God guide your life...sometimes it's in the quietest moments that your purpose comes to you.

Campfyah said...

So true Dog, so true... Don't try tuh fight wid God on this one, just let him do his thing in your life.

Melody girl, doan matter what nobodie say, we all searching for our purpose in life. As long as we searching there is hope for us, it's when we give up the search that we gotta start worrying.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-This is a topic I'm passionate about and have been studying this for the past three years. Quite revealing and enlightning what I've come to believe. However, I won't discuss it on the blogg. Converse in person yes. I'll leave it at that for now.