08 February 2005

lluvia, lluvia, lluvia

It raining hey like cats, dogs and whatever else can come outta de sky. I ein left de house all day long. It's the last day of carnival, but seems like all carnival activities get wash out. The rain started to fall since last night and havn't stopped yet. Needless to say, it's wasn't a good sign for me, as we have a problem with a leaky roof. So with all the rain from last night and today, it got worse, and I was just ready to put on my swimsuit and go swimming with all the water. I was mopping, and using buckets and anything to catch the water. The sad thing is that I live in a really cool apt and you would never think to see such a sight.

We called in the landlord to see the amounting damage and to assure him, that the damage wasn't our fault, but his for simply not fixing the roof properly last year and hence, he now have to replace the entire roof and possibly refrubrish the top floor. Well he's in shock and still giving us some bull story about having the repair man on call, but not following through on having him come to the apt....Boye ah tell yuh, some people just shouldn't own apts or houses.

Yesterday, I visited ah national parke here...Henri Petier a rain forrest located on a mountain range....quite cool, figuratively and literally. A winding road up and down and around corners, ah wonder what they were thinking when they build the road. The joke of the ride was, as we were manuerving our caravan up and around the corners, we were busy talking and joking enjoying the ride and the scenery. It was tight and tense around some corners, as we had to either stop so the next vehicle could past, or reverse back (yuh chek dat reverse back..true Bajan style) down a winding road so that the vehicle could past. other vehicles did the same for us.

Anyhow we winding along, but as we climb the mountain, the road gets narrower and the guard wall, what little they were began to disappear. Meaning, come around that corner too hard or fast and miss yuh footing and down de side de mountain yuh gone...so we winding along
slowly going up, but head on tuh some traffic, talking and joking stop...people holding on and seat belts fuh who in de back seats coming out. things still looking alright, but now we ein focusing on the scenery nuh more ..alla we focusing on de driver and de road. R Kelly and Sisco playin on the raido, we had a few young girls in de van..but lordee at one ah de turns, all I hear from one ah de girls in de was was "I getting scared now" and in two-twos ah ein hear nuh Sisco or R Kelly nuh more, but de Brooklyn Tabernacle choir singing I worship you lord ... Well at dat point we all buss out laffing, cause it did a sudden shift so, we ein hear or see when she change de CD atall, atall, just I worship you lord.

Well de Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir tek we all de way up de rest ah de mountain, but the trip also included we going down on the other side tuh get we tuh we destination...and another Caribbean gospel group carry we down dat side..it was bare fun in de van, cause we din know whey de gospel come from all of a sudden but as soon as de driving got tense, fuhget Kelly or Sisco, but it was de Lord that was going be we guide..After we stop tuh rest..she sey...ahhhh don't yuh all feel more relaxed now...and suprisingly we did..but it was a funny as ever moment in the journey.

Needless tuh say we had tuh mek de trip up and down de mountain the evening tuh get back home, but we had things under control, until we butt up head on tuh a bus and evabodie hold duh breaths and scream out...nuh hits, damage or injuries, just a close call. then it started tuh rain and we onlee praying dat we get over tuh de other side ah de mountain and begin decsent before it gets dark and in a rain forrest it does get dark early and fast. But we mek it back down stop, cool off de breaks and hit de highway home.

A good and interesting trip. I wish I know how to post photos and links, i would have shown you guys the pics.


Abeni said...

Camp..just hook up with www.photobucket.com and upload your pics to it and then use the img tag to upload them to the blog.We want to see pics!

Angry Dog said...

Que historias fascinantes tienes chica! Me allegro mucho a leer su blog. La historia como las montanas era muy interesante! Anyhow, glad to know that y'all had fun and made it back safely! BTW, do you mind if I add your blog to my blogroll? tiyad fi link JDid everytime I waan tek a read!

Campfyah said...

Thanks Abeni, I gine check that out and try it when ah dry out. We wash out in rain hey in Caracas.

Angry Dog and other bloggers feel free tuh add muh link to your blogs, I hope i can do the same fuh yours..ah been using Jdid and de others tuh link to you all too...
ah still hey getting muh foot wet wid dis whole blog thing, so ah ein as fancy as wunna yet.

Jdid said...

boy that trip sounds scary in that bus. I can imagine those roads.

Scratchie said...

Hi Campfyah, As Kami said, photobucket is good. It was actually a lot easier than the Hello thing that blogger recommends. You can actually do your entire post from photobucket including the photos.
Your trip sounded interesting an you are back safe and sound so it works for me.
Tek care.