29 April 2005

Swarovsik desfile

Last night I had the honor of attending a charity event. The Swarovski Aid for AIDS fashion show. Well, what a wonderful evening it was. Now Kami talked today about People's 50 most beautiful people. Well, let me tell you, they were sure missing 4 beautiful ladies.

What an elegant evening we had. We were greeted to the usual array of fine spirits. I opted for white wine. Then we had an opportunity to view the merchandise before hand. You see Swarovski was selling a collection of it's jewlery for the benefit. Prices were discounted as much as 60% off the retail market. So you know we women were in paradise.

Well the program got on the way and the first beauty that graced our presence wasImage hosted by Photobucket.com Beautiful !!! In a country where negretias or morenas as they like to call them aren't considered on the beauty scale, what a pleasant site it was. She moved with such elegance, poise and grace. We actually had to remember that we were to focus on the product, hence the jewelry and not the model.

Next came Image hosted by Photobucket.com wow...dos negretias.....are we on to something here? Ironically the collection was called Caribbean Glory or something in reference to the Caribbean...Now please note that the clothes were not the main attraction, although, you couldn't tell us that. This was the main focusImage hosted by Photobucket.com the jewelry. The pieces were absolutely stunning and the 4 models did them all the justice possible.. I bought that piece above. Hey, it was for a good cause. The other two models were equally stunning ladies, both of them latinas.

We all commented, that in our next life we'd like to have bodies like these beauties, but for now, we just settle with the Swarovski. At the end of the desfila, you couldn't get a space at the counter to see what's available. It was a huge success and by the end of the night, the showcase was pretty much empty.

Ahhh, what a way to spend the evening and all, a glass of wine, the beauty swarovski, and supporting a worthwile cause.


Mad Bull said...

¡Esas morenas eran definitivamente muy calientes de hecho!

Does that make sense? I used babelfish.

Hoagie1 said...

Who cares about the jewlery... that girl is fiiiiiine.

Abeni said...

very pretty

Anonymous said...

Las negritas esta muy bien! Tengo nada ojos por los productos de Swarovski!

Nice Camp....verrrry nice! Dr. D. gives his stamp of approval! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

i aint got nun a dem fancy spanish lingo like bull and de doc but all i gine say is de girls did look too sweet. wha dat is in spanish, muy sweeteno ?

Campfyah said...

De spanish sounding good fellas.

Jdid...muy sweeteno cud work too, we get de gist. The girls were defenitely on the ball.