23 May 2005

Vex, Vex, Vex

It only Monday, ,de week just start and already two things got muh vex. If this is the way my week starting out, I ein looking forward tuh de rest ah de week atall. Although I should, as it's my last week before I head off to the mainland for a few weeks. I got some serious shopping tuh catch up on. Anyhow before I digres, let me tell wunna what I vex about.

Vex #1 - De Doctor
Remember I wrote last week, about the hubby being sick and needed tuh spend a few days in the hospital. OK, wunna also remember the comments I made about the Dr. and how when I grow up, I wanna be one, cause dem does mek a mob ton ah money to seeing a patient for less than 10 mins. OK. So hubby came home from the hospital on Friday. He ein all better, but was justified in coming home. Back still hurting and he's receiving physical therapy. We got the hospital bill (Had to pay it before we left) was relatively surprised that it wasn't as much as we expected and went on our way.

Today now, hubby goes back to hospital for his therapy and to also check in with the Dr. to get some papers he needed for work. When hubby gets to Dr. office, the assistant presents him with a bill for damned over Bs 1M (About USD$1,000). for services rendered to hubby while hospitalized. What??? Services done when??? Wha rathid kinda services? Lets see. Hubby goes back to Dr. for a follow-up, Dr. sees hubby for all of 5mins tells him he gotta get operated on or spend some time in hospital. hubby opts for the therapy and out the door. Dr. charges he fuh that. I vex. OK...

So Next day, hubby signs into hospital. Dr. come by sometime in the afternoon, ask how yuh doing. Hubby says OK for now. Dr. says ok, I gonna start you on medication later tonight and out the door he goes. Day 1-- Dr. stops by again and ask how yuh, hubby say back still hurting, but de drugs in the IV helping tuh ease de pain. Doc says Ok and ready tuh head out de door, hubby say, but wait Dr. dis all dat wunna gine do..pump me up wid pain killers, wha de last time ah had some therapy and thing..Dr. says OK..yuh can start PT tomorrow.
Day2 More pain killers, Doc comes by again, how yuh? Hubby seys, ah living, but all wunna doing is jucking (pinching) me up with needles. Dr. say OK and out de dooor. Another Dr. comes by and chats up hubby about the problem, he pushes, pulls, poke and ask a series ah questions. he recommends how to sit, ,stand etc to help ease the pain. This Doc spends about 10mins with hubby. He goes to PT 2X that day.

Day3- Hubby tired ah being in hospital wid all de inexperience nurses sticking he hey dey and everywhere, food cold and tea colder. Dr. comes by, how things. Hubby says he read to go home, back still hurting but feeling a lil better. Dr. says, OK yuh can go home tomorrow. Not once in the 3 days did Doc touch hubby. Not once did he spend an average of 5mins in de room.

Day4- hubby get release papers and he gone home. He's released from the hospital by 10:00 AM. Doc comes by and tell him, to continue the physical therapy and take some pain killers. Now after alla this, pray tell me what services did he rendered that could cost about $1G?
I mean if he charged $50 for every office visit and he visited the hubby 4 times while he in hospital, that is only about $200 even if he added ah extra $100 for having to come to hubby instead ah hubby going to him. that is $300 max. What de rathid he charging ova 1G for.

Hubby being in he good favor saying, how Doc charging for he professional services. chupse... I tell hubby I would have tuh question what professional services. cause in the 3 1/2 days he spend in hospital, if he see de Dr. for 15 mins, he see he a lot. But hubby ein me and I ein hubby, cause if I was hubby, he din gine get a red cent from me (that's Bajan for, I wasn't going to pay the Dr.) So wunna see know why I vex. Cause these Drs. down here, see car payments and mortgages, and school fees, written across our faces when we from the international community come into their offices. especially if you work or the oil companies, embassies or other international organizations. Boye ah tell yuh, is thief dem thief.

Vex#2 - The yute

That chile ah mine gonna give me grey hairs, in places dat hairs not suppose tuh exist..yuh hear. Yuh labor fuh hours to give birth to them, only for them to become teenagers think they grown and wanna send you to your grave. Now the boy graduating from HS next month. I gave him advice about colleges, applying tuh college and choosing he major. I try tuh lead the chile in the right ways and help he along. I tell de chile that he gotta take his SAT and that senior year in HS is just the chiill time, cause it's yuh sophmore and junior yrs that gonna really count when it comes tuh applying to college. Alright. yuh think de chile would listen. He figure, he a teenager and he grown and know it all. I am mother and went to school at the pipe in August (wunna know that saying?) Therefore I knows nothing. When I getting tough on him, he wanna team up wid dad and attack me for being to hard. I tell him life out dey not easy and you need yuh education. Don't wast away yuh life, but no, he doan wanna listen..he want the quick and easy fast life.

So hear wha happen, he wait until the senior year to get his act together...Too late muh yute, college applications gotta go out with GPA from 9-11 grade. Take yuh SAT, no mom, the school I applying to don't need SAT...chile listen to me and take the SAT...finally, he wait till the last minuite and take them. Child apply to a couple ah colleges...No mom, I only want to apply to this one college to study this one subject. Son, yuh not doing right..but mom why should I waste my time applying to study extra stuff, when I just want to get right to the subject I intersted in. lordeee...come fuh dis child. Son, expand your options, don't limit yourself. Have a plan B in case plan A fails. No mom, plan A is the only option...Alright I tried, I done.

Hear now, mom, school A, say them need SAT scores, but I just took the test and have to wait for the results, which will come after I graduate from school. Oh is that so.... and what about school B--well they tell me to call them back after I graduate from school. Huhuh...Now school C, the school I really wanted to go to. Oh I didn't get accepted. So that rules out all schools except one, who needs both SAT and a decent GPA. So waht are you ging to do now... Oh, I don't know, try to see if it isn't too late to apply to the local college downtown.

So child, yuh see what I been telling you all along? Yes, mom..It's my fault. I messed up and I regret it now...Child, you too young to be talking bout regrets, yuh got yuh whole life ahead ah yuh, if you talking bout regrets now, what will you do when you become an adult. You should let this be a lesson and learn to take advice. Mom and dad not always gonna be there to bail you out. So the saga of my yute continuing education continues.

Wunna see how my week start out vex already.--chuupse...anybodie got a Banks?


Mad Bull said...

Whats a 'Banks"... Maybe I got it and I don't know. Bwoy, your yute sounds like me. If my mother never sit me down and chat to me when I was about 2 months out from O-Levels, I don't know what would have happened to me. Even at that late stage, however, I managed to get 5 O-Levels.
I would have been happy to chill out then, but my mother made sure to 'nengeh nengeh' inna mi ears and I went to sixth form. I got poor grades, but mamacita 'nengeh nengeh' inna me ears again, and I went to a community college. I managed to scrape thru with to 'A' level passes and now look at me. I did UWI and I now have a masters.
Keep it up, Camp. You can have success too... Don't give up the fight!

Angry Dog said...

Well, hmmm, the Doctor thing does sound quite frustrating Campy! Don't worry, we'll just beat up on poor Dr. D. for a while :). As for the youngster, he sound kinda like me back in the day--but eventually he'll figure things out, just don't lose hope yet and keep fighting him to study...he'll appreciate it some day!

Abeni said...

Uh oh..Yuh patience really getting tested.Well,your son get a wake up call--so maybe he gon improve from here on.

Anonymous said...

That Doc sound like a money grabber...yes, some o dem does charge plenty for very little. Thank God is not all of us stay so. (Some of us doomed to poverty!)

Me did do my work when in school. If and when I have any yute and dem stay so, hell going pop. Nuff o dem don't realize the importance of being ahead of the game. When dem reach 26-28 and nutten a gwaan for dem, dem cyaan drive kriss cyar then suddenly the alarm rings!

Sorry, no Banks here...you want a Red Stripe? ;-) Take it easy Camp...it not worth the grey hairs! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

relax a bit and tek a deep breath. sounds like nuff drama, i hope the youngster aint too far out that he cant get inta a college now.
yes mek sure he listen ta ya, he still young

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Hush yu hear. Well it looks as if hospitals and doctors operate in similar fashion as the United States. They charge you for everything and I mean every striking ting-including oxygen! Went through all that when my Dad was in hospital. That was a huge learning experience.
Oh-your young man going off to higher learning-I could'a swear you were talking about my daughter. Same ting-similar conversation. Lordee what a dying trial. Hope you week goes much better.

Campfyah said...

Madd a Banks is onlee de best beer in de Carribean, all de way from Barbados :-))

Folks ah trying wid de yute..ah really trying. But if wunna see he pun a street corna begging fuh 50 cents fuh sumthing tuh eat..doan ask what happen tuh he parents. Some people just doan wanna tek talking to.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, I'm afraid to inform you that the Oxygen is charged for in all hospitals....it gotta buy wid money just like everything else that get used in patient care. It may seem trivial but everything in hospitals have a cost.

BTW, I'm not saying that there are some Docs who are highly excessive with their fees....that I know very well....and I don't defend it. Dr. D.