17 July 2005

Muchas cosas poco tiempo

..in other words too much tuh do with too little time and since getting my priorities straight is of essence, the blogging had to go on hold. Amongst all the things I had going on last week, we bid farewell to a dear friend who has relocated to the US. That's part of life when you work with these international companies. you travel far and wide, meet lots of interesting people and then either them or you have to be relocated after 3 or 4 yrs. The sad thing is that some of them become your best friends so you might see them again, and some you know that chances are you won't see them again in your lifetime. My very bestest friend is from West Africa, her husband from Central America and we meet while we both lived in Germany. She now lives in Maryland and I in Venezuela. see how things go? In another 2 weeks we will also bid farewell to another friend who will return to her homeland of South Africa. I can see a South African lime being planned soon. Oh we are part of a group who meet through a bible study and have connected so much that we lime together. We had our first "spiritual lime" (without husbands of course) in Trinidad, had such a good time that we decide to do it yearly. Our lime this year was in Venezuela, but in another city and next year it will be in Cinacinnati.

OK, what else is going on. Got some important dates coming up this week. manana es la cumpleanos de me madre, martes is the hubby B-day and incidentially our anniversary. Why did I let him sucker me into to marrying him on his B-day. I gues he wanted to make sure that I never forget either B-day or anniversary, but that's OK. I'll soon claim alhizmers and forget everything and everyone. But this whole B-day anniversary thing does get tome, cause I have to gbe out looking for presents and gifts and dem kinda things so.

OK, for the mother it's easy, go into any Williman & Sanoma store and she set... Williams & Sanoma is a bakers/chef paradise. Every gadget and bake and cooking acessory under the sun is found in this store. and since the mother is a caterer, she be satisfied. So while in Orlando earlier this month, I came across such store and her gift was purchased within 10 mins. Off to the post office I go, and everything is there for my packaging needs. I even had the option of sending it in a Happy B-day box courtesy of the us postal system. box only costing $2.99. No such thing could have been done here in caracas.

Now comes the hard part, gift shopping for the hubby, now bare in mind that technically I have to get two gifts. But the hubby and I started a little tradition that have continued. for our anniversary, we just go somewhere. spend a few days and enjoy the celebration together. No going out to dinner or nothing like that. I mean you can only go out to dinner but so much times a year to clerate something and Valentines and Mother's Day suffice for me. So we got reservations booked at a place and later today we'll be off.

But I figure i still have to get a gift for the B-day and that was the hard part. What do you get someone who has so real dying interest in much of anything? The options are limited and made moreso here in Caracas. So off to the centro commercials (mall) I go in search of the practical birthday gift.

Sporting Goods---No can do, hubby just came out of the hospital a little more than a month ago, so no physical activites (except of one, if yuh know wha ah mean) for a while.
Computer gadgets-- tampoco. He's not much into computers, actually all he knows or want to know how to do, is open and send email or open and create a word document. Anything else and he'll drive you mad. He just don't retain such info.
Digital Toys--- Not those either. MP3, Ipod, Black/blue or strawberries...nope..he ein got a clue.
Clothes--He has too much. He wears a suit to work daily, so is complete in that Dept, actually I told him the other day that he need to clear out his closet because how many white, blue and cream shirts and dark suits can you have. don't talk about ties???? His casual dress consist of a pair of jeans and some polos and he's set.
Writing items-- No use. he perfers a bic pen. give him the fancy stuff and he stashes them away in his brief case for safe keeping.
So you see my list is getting slimer as I stroll up and down the corridors of the mall in search of a gift. So what did I buy.

Well seeing that I'm working on improving his macho look, and sylizing him a bit, I bough him a chain with a pendant a while back, he wears it a lot. I also got him a bracelet recently that he seems to fancy, so what else? Yes, I got him a nice ring with a cross. So I think he'll like that. That brings his jewlery count to a total of 4 pieces. His wedding band, a chain, his bracelet and now this ring. phew !!!! In addition, I got him a pocket organizer. note I say pocket organizer and not Palm or blackberry. Why, because a few yrs ago, he got a palm pilot and it didn't do him justice. He never figured how to fully utilize it apart from putting in the contact info. and he only usedit ocasionaly. Waste of good money. Well after not having used it for quite sometime, he went to search for a number one day and realized that the battery had died and so had the internal system and he lost all of his info. So I searched for the most basic of organizers and got him one so that he can replace his info. So we'll see how that works.

So guy and gals alike wish me luck that my efforts will pay off and he'll like the gifts that I purchased. Maybe, I'll tell you all about our trip. but last i recall this blog was rated PG so I guess, maybe I won't. Entonces we'll be off for our randevous later today. I'm going to pack my overnight bag, shouldn't be too much to pack and see you guys in a few days.


Dr. D. said...

Well, first off...cumpleanos feliz al tu marido, and happy anniversary (mi figet how to seh dat en espanol...me muy rusty) to you both.

You can send the unused nice pens to me...I collect and use them.

Hubby doh use cologne?

Anonymous said...

buy him a camera or a book.

Abeni said...

Gift buying is always a pain when the person got everything already.Have a great time on your trip.

Scratchie said...

have a great trip Camp. Happy Birthday to Mr. Camp and Happy Anniversary to you both.

Jdid said...

lol, how coem wunnah bajan wumen cant shop fa de men lol :-)

is very much jewellery ya buying my yout though, ya feel say im name mr t?

Tracey said...

Lawd shopping for a bajan man is hard fuh trute. I buy dis one clothes cause he wardrobe need help with the more dressy casual clothes and one day he come complaining he dont want clothes. He want a tool or something so.

His last gift was a book on boats, his next gift will be a book on fishing, his gift after that will be a book on rifles.

See I all set.