22 July 2005

My Turn

OK...Urbansister dragged me into the whole blog thing of telling about yourself, so here goes.

10 yrs ago.....

I had the coolest job as a travelling combat photograher. My life was upside down, I didn't know my head from my feet and what the next day would hold. I was going through a nasty divorce and coming to terms with raising my child alone with a demanding job. I eventually quit the job a year later, packed up my bags and my son and ran away from it all to start all over again.

8 yrs Ago....

Life was returning to normal. I finally finished one degree that had started 10ys ago and was working in another cool job as a ticket agent for TWA airlines, the pay sucked, but the perks and experience was great. My son and I moved back to the Big Apple to live with my mom until we got back on our feet. Incidentially that year, I was involved with the biggest jerk of all jerks. The end of the relationship, which shouldn't have been in the first place prompted me to realize that the Big Apple wasn't the place for me and my son, so once again we packed our bags, got into my car and drove away from it all. The best decision of my life.

5 yrs Ago...

I was happily enjoying life as a single woman. I was finishing up my second degree (MFA), raising my son and life was good. I was in the best physical and mental shape of my life. I had also met my hubby and we were smoothly sailing along. I had a decent paying job with my own corner office. I was on the move upwards. I had a good circle of friends and my path was set. I gave that all up the following year and moved to Caracas. What can I say, I got hot feet. can't stay still.... thanks to the gig as the travelling photographer

1 yr Ago....

Here I was living in Caracas, who would have thought that 5yrs ago? A totally different path. I was remarried (now you know me and hubby havn't been married that long) and on a different career path. the original one is currently on hold. BTW, for those interested. I'm a Communications PR specialists with a background in photography & videography. I get to mix all those up down here in arepa land with the new stuff I do.

Last Week...

was a hell of a week, as I was busy doing a million and one things and bidding farewell to some friends.


The hubby and I was returning from our anniversary/birthday getaway. Being the adventrous travellers that we were, we took a freezing cold bus back to Caracas, and it felt that I was sitting over the wheels feeling every bump and thump in the road. It ws an uncomfortable 2 1/2 hrs back.


I took it easy, did some work and got my bi-weekly manicure and pedicure


another busy day as I have three appts. and two farewell functions to plan. We are loosing our friends and collagues by the week. One of these days it will be our turn.

5 Snacks I enjoy...

  • Carib Plantain chips
  • Trail mix and anything with nuts
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Tamarind Balls
  • Local Carribean fruits -- ackees (guineepe), plums, guavas, sugar apples, and anything preserved by the Trinis

5 Bands/singers/Albums that I know the lyrics to all/almost all of their music (this is difficult)

  • Bob Marley
  • Krossfyah/Square 1
  • Celine Dion
  • Whitney Houston (before she became a crackhead)
  • Aron Neville (don't know all the lyrics, but as much as I play his CD, I should)
  • Mariah Carey (girl got voice)

What I would do with $100,000.000.00

  • Buy property in Southern Germany (the area is absolutely beautiful)
  • A Barbados Great House and remodel it to my likings
  • Open a Bed & Breakfast in B'dos and one in the U.S amongst other places
  • Shower my mom with all the things in life that she wanted but could never afford.
  • Set my son up with his own business
  • Spend a 6 mths on the QEII and travel the world over.
  • I could go on and on......

5 Locations, I'd like to runaway to...

  • Thaiti
  • Monaco
  • Australia
  • Ivory Coast/Kenya/South Africa
  • Any carribean or south pacific island

5 bad habits I have......

  • My ability to always be late, unless it's really important to be there ontime
  • saying "whatever"
  • being short temper/mouthing offf
  • procrastination
  • totally tuning out or ignoring people

5 things I like doing...

  • Reading/listening to music
  • taking pictures
  • shopping
  • pampering myself
  • people watching

5 things I would never wear.....

  • plaid pants or shirts
  • black on black--- makes me think of funerals
  • red or fushia lipstick
  • blue/pink/purple hair
  • terry cloth shorts

5 TV shows I like....

  • Third Watch
  • A&E City Confidential
  • People & Arts Cambemios Espousas
  • Anything Discovery channel

5 Movies I like....

  • Mo Betta Blues
  • Lion King
  • Sarafina
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Oceans Eleven (both the original and the remake)

5 Famous people I'd like to meet

  • Nelson Mandela..The man has class in all forms
  • Denzel Washington... just to see if those lips are as sexy in life as they are on TV
  • Bill Gates... to ask him for $100,000,000.00 to do the things I wanna do
  • Queen Elizabeth II ... to see if she knows what reality is and what her life is really like
  • Barbara Walters or any other famous interviewer cause I like to ask a lot of questions

5 Biggest Joy....

  • waking up each morning
  • living in a country/environment free of cvil war, interational war, hunger, natural diasters, ect.
  • Having good relationship with my family, especially my son which can be shaky at the best of times
  • Knowing that God exists and I just need to call on him
  • touching down on my homeland of Barbados and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Carribean sea

5 toys....

  • My camera
  • My camera
  • My camera
  • did I say my camera
  • Ok, the new electronic gadgets, palms ect...

5 People I'm tagging....

  • Doc. D
  • Traynice
  • Scratchie
  • Sunshine
  • Anyone else (my blog crew is limited)


sCruuw said...

Great Blog!

Abeni said...

Once upon a time almost everything I wore was black.Nowadays,colors making a break through

Angry Dog said...

When you meet Bill Gates for real, beg him 200,000,000 instead of just 1...that way I can get my share too.

courtneyelizabeth said...

im gonna have to do this meme one day...i'm slackin..lol

Yamfoot said...

I thought the reason you wanted to meet Queenie was to ask her to lend you her boat! LOL.

I've been to Sulfer Springs in St Lucia, so I understand what you mean.

Don Tate II said...

Wow, you have an action packed life. Would be interesting to know what lies ahead, or what you would like to lie ahead, 10 years from now.

Jdid said...


Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Excellent blogg here. combat photographer-WOW. How brave and exciting. Hats off to you and taking control of your life and much respect to you.

Dr. D. said...

I never even notice that you had tagged me...me thinks me going pass...sorry.

Mad Bull said...

I going to try a ting with this one, even though you never tagged me.