05 August 2005

Caracas Believe It or Not

I've been trying fo a bit now not to constantly bash this place. I mean, I've been living here for more than 4yrs and there are lots of good going on. nevermind that you have to search wide and far to find such good things. I'm compiling a list of those things to blog, but note, I said before, I'm a wannabe blogger and that compilation might or might not make the press. But this topic, just boggled my mind and I thought worthy or commenting on.

Sometimes when people tell you things, you say to yourself..nahh de person ah lia dem ah tell, can't be so, dah too far fetched tuh be true...but hear dis and dis didn't come from Ripleys Believe it or not, it come straight from Caracas Believe it or not, but this is to believe it cause it true.

Now in most coutries, if you want a passport, you walk into whatever office, the post office, immigration office, bank ect. ask for a form get it, fill it out right there or take it home fill it out return with the necessary accompanying documents, pay your fee and yuh on yuh way to a passporte. OK..no problem, what Camp, what yuh gripe wid Caracas and passportes. Well things nah work so hey, hey is a different story all together. Let me break it down to you.

If you want a Venezulean passporte, first you have to go wait in a line to get the form. You wait in this line anywhere from 12-24hrs and often times more. Yes, you heard me right, you wait in line for up to 2 days and this is just to get the form, it doan include filling it our or returning it. Then you when you are finished with your form, have all your documents, which you never have all the documents. that's the way of life here, then you have to go and wait again in another line up to 2 days again to turn in your documents. Now, you might be saying Camp, is lia yuh ah tell, how yuh know this, well is nuh lia I ah tell is truff..it happened to a fellow worker in de hubby office and another fella tell we heself dat he went through it. So yuh see somethime hen yuh think yuh got life hard, dat it nuh hard in trute.

Ok so continuing along. Now yuh got yuh documents and wait de howeva many ridiculous hrs to turn it in, now yuh gotta hope dat dem tell yuh dat dem got passportes. yes, yuh hearing dat right too..sometimes yuh get dey and dem telling yuh dat dem nuh have de paper tuh mek nuh passportes, in other words, go home cause dem ein got nuh passports tuh issue. none ein make. Caracas, Believe it or not!! Now if dis happening tuh some West Indians, yudh woulda hear more blat clatt, rassoles, gawblimma, dirty clatt ah cuss bout de place. Then some people, for example the lady from de hubby office, went and waited de two days, only to sit all day long and de people tell dem to take a number and nothing more. So as of this day, said woman ein got a passporte, cause she don't know if she number ah call, if dem got passportes nothing. Yes, Only in Caracas. Carac as Believe it or not.

Now like in most Latin American countires, you can avoid such situations by greasing a fella hand and ley he organize things fuh yuh. So in other words, ah passporte that would normally cost let's say Bs 100.000 gonna cost you about Bs, 1,000.000.00.. but the average fella ein got that kinda money, so dem haffi sit and wait and sleep in line fuh bout a week for a simple passport that in most ordinary countries will take 1hr or so. Then if he want it to be processed widout hassle, it's another grease hand or not he gonna hear, he ein got dis or that document...yuh think ah lie. Yuh think things easy bout hey...So yes, it's Caracas Believe it or not.

Enjoy your weekend.


Mad Bull said...

Poor little Venezuelans. They need us Caribbean people to liberate them (and their oil)! We bloggers must start to fan the fires that will lead to all our islands eventually annexing Venezuela as a part of ourselves and then we can save the people (* split the oil *)

Hmmm... this idea sounds familiar though... where have I heard this before?

Anyway Camp, are you in or not?

Campfyah said...

sounds like a plan to me. I was thinking that I have Publisher and cud start a lil sumthing, sumthin pun de side mekking de forms... hehehe :-))

smallislandgirl said...

OMG you are right I don't believe it people are so tolerant I am never going to complain about imigration in Trini again because it could be worse.

Jdid said...

wow tahst really ruff
i thought bajan immigration was bad

Abeni said...

I'll never curse my Immigration office again:)

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Just passing through. Playing catch up with everyone's blogg. I guess if I'm ever in Caracas, I won't be applying for a Venezuelan passport-24 hrs wait-yu mussi mad.

Dr. D. said...

I hear de wait out here kinda long too....but I not sure if is as bad as dis!

Gawblimma?! Dats a new one fe me Camp! Is it from Bim?

Scratchie said...

We not that bad. We are having a rush going on now because of the new regulations but 2 days...I don't think so.

Campfyah said...

strictly Bajan Dr. D. and it's the condense version of the actual words