22 August 2005


As usual it was another so called weekend in Arepaland. Nothing to shout about, hang around the house on Sat and veg out and my usual Sunday mornig spent in church. However Sunday afternoon offered a little something different. The hubby and I spent the evening wid some folks engaging in this activity . Yes, we were guzzling beer on a bright Sunday afternoon..... well call the spiritual police...wha kinda bacchanal christians de two ah we is... guzzling beer on a Sunday.

well before wunna throw fire and brimestone at we, just hear we out fuh a bit.

Yuh see we went

  • < href="international phenomeon. There are chapters all over the world. It is said that hashers are runners with a drinking problem or drunks with a running problem. I don't know cause I din see nobodie slushed at our hash yesterday, but I did see some runners and some drinkers.

    There are some interesting rules that go along with hashing. At the end of the walk/run, you meet at a designated place, someone's house or a club/bar and begin the rituals. The person/s who organizes the hash and marked the route had to drink beer out of a possie/potty or in plain ole' bajan terms....ah topsie. It was a new one. Quite funny indeed. Also the newbies in the group had to guzzle the beer standing back to back, yesterday that being the hubby, myself and another two persons. So did I not miss a photo of a lifetime, seeing the hubby drinking beer outta topsie...OK den. Then if you were wearing new sneakers, you had to christen them by drinking your beer out of them...huuummm reminds me not to chang my sneaklers the next time I go hashing with that group.

    Marking the route, is done ahead of time. two persons go out and mark the route with white chalk along side the road. A solid circle means continue on your path. An open circle found usualy at a junction means that you must try to figure out where to continue. You have to walk and look for an arrow, but sometimes that arrow can be as much as 50-100 mtrs up or down in the other direction. Quite interesting I must say.

    So we'll probably go hashing again, meet some iteresting people, get a lil exercise and pass the Sunday afternoon in pleasure.


    Sunshine said...

    Hi Campfyah-De hashing sounds like fun. Now tell me-did you really drink beer out of your sneakers and if so, did you swallow the beer?

    Dr. D. said...

    Nutten wrong wid a drink on Sunday...beer or whatever.

    Drinking outta sneakers now....well...I not so sure.

    Abeni said...

    I hope you sneakers clean:)

    Slow Metamorphosis said...

    I have never heard of hashing before....interesting!.
    Thanks for stopping by :-)

    Scratchie said...

    No sneakers drinking for me...beer taste bad enuff as it is without the cheese.

    Campfyah said...

    no, I didn't have to drink out of my sneakers, but if I go again and they realize that I've changed my sneakers, then I'll have to...I didn't drink outta de potty either.

    Mad Bull said...

    Sounds interesting... I think I'll google it.

    Tracey said...

    Girl when I saw Hashing I thought you and there hubby were smoking something. :)

    Sounds like fun what kind of beer did you drink?