24 August 2005


Once again, we were confronted with the constant insecurity of living in this country. Another collegue of ours had their apt robbed this week. In the short time it took for the wife to leave home and drive less than 10 mins to pick up her husband from work and return, someone or persons had entered the apt and robbed them. At first glance it seems like they had an idea of where to look for the stuff. They robbed them of some cash, but important papers like passports and the likes remained. They also left the jewlery. Now the hubby and I suspect that it was another inside job, done by persons who knows the couple schedule and who are/were frequent visitors to the house.

This invasion again, prompted the hubby and I to rethink our security proceedures for the apt. But it also got me to thinking. Where do I keep my important stuff and where can I put them that the ladrones won't get their dirty claws on our valuables, what little we do have. I suggested to the hubby that we take our passportes and such important papers and secure them in the safe at the office. But we are also considering other hiding options within the Apt.
But then I was also thinking. What do I have that would cause great discomfort to me if a thief had stolen it. and my short answer was with the exception of my wedding ring and one or two pieces of jewlery. Not much. The jewlery has more sentimental value than monetary value.

I figured, if a thief had to get into our Apt. He would make out like a fat rat or be quite disappointed. Here is why. In my closet and yes, I have my own and the hubby his own. I have all my jewlery just sitting there in the open in the box. I am constantly digging through it, so it's not stashed away behind some clothes or under the bed. But you see, the box can be decieving. I have lots of imitation, fake and quite costly (I won's say expensive) fashion jewlery. There are all mixed in with each other. So the thief would have to figure out what's real and what isn't. He'll be surely disappointed to see most of it wasn't the genuine stuff, but moreso semi-precious or just real nice looking costume.

I would also tell him, just in case that he reading my blog. Don't bother tuh waste yuh time come thief muh house, cause I ein got no diamonds, rubies, pearls, saffires nada, ziltch, nich, nine... nat a damned ah dem things tuh worth thief fuh. Mi birthstone is garnet and it not worff much de one lil garnet ring, muh son buy from Wal-Mart fi me, way back when... it just have sentimential value. So doan come cause me nuh stress brekking into mi apt. So den he ah wanna theif some Grantleys or Benjamins $$$$$, doan bother, cause we doan have dat either. De hubby and I wuk fuh a Bajan company, dem doan pay nuttin in U.S $$$$. so once again, doan come turn muh apt upside down looking fi wha we naah have...chupse.

But de depressing thing is, it seems like the ladrones (thieves) targeting the homes/apts of extranjeros (foreigners) them figuring that we have U.S $$$. In some cases them getting lucky, but in many cases they not, because people who have the $$$, have dem secured outside the home. What a damned shame tuh be enduring such hassles. Well, the hubby and I well prepared fi dem ah come try thief we things.

But how secure can a place be? if you remember, the last robbery I mentioned. The thieves broke the secured spider lock. If they can do that they can pretty much do anything else. The design of our apt. makes that it can be broken into quite easily eventhough we are on the top 2 floors, so we've decided that we won't do any extra ordianry steps from what we've been doing before. You see, the top part of our Apt, is nothing but glass on both sides. we lock the doors, but how difficult is it to break a glass. So we continue with life as usual and just say a pray when we leave that we'll find the Apt in one piece when we return. Oh, let me mentioned that our college, like the one before also lives in a blg with 24hr security and so do we.... but wha??? Life in Caracas.


Dr. D. said...

Teif...doh like dem. Yes, this one sound like insider too...dem watching the people and know dem movements well.

Camp...all I can say is material tings is just dat. Yeah, dem have sentimental value, but dem can replace. God forbid, if tief come and dem nuh hurt nobody or tek life, is a blessing. Aaah bwoy...the world we live in.

courtneyelizabeth said...

wow.....i'll pray that your things are safe...

button_nose said...

Hi Campfyah,

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by, I wanted to return the favor :)

Wow, I hope you guys don't get robbed....the invasion alone in it self is distressing. The thought that someone came into my home unannouced and searched my shit, would piss me off, and the fact that you work hard as shite for your stuff makes it all the more fucked up!!

I think it's a good idea to put your passport and important papers in saftey deposit box for safe keeping.

Girl God will look our for you.

Smooches :)

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-I doan mean to chuckle at your situation but I had to laugh when you wrote about your birthstone being garnet.
OK on a more seious note, chile be safe. I hope and pray they don't teef you. It's apparent that these teefs know your collegues schedules. Is the rash of robberies new or has this been "life in Caracas"?

Abeni said...

Never had a break in but had attempts and they real distressing.For many months it was sleepless nights

smallislandgirl said...

I know what you mean about whats valuable but please be safe I got that feeling about it not being safe in Caracas when our friends told us to take off all our jewellery before going out and to put aside money in case we were robbed.

Jdid said...

try and stay safe down there
p.s i tell ya start building the raft an ya wun listen ta muh :-)

Yamfoot said...

fire the security guards.

brooklyn babe said...

Sup Campfiyah
Sorry to hear about breaks in, I had a couple of my neighbors have some trouble as well... One robber was by a "service" truck guy, like the cable guy. They say:
Most robberies are personal, I'm not certain if this was mentioned but you may want to look in investing into a safe deposit box at your local bank for important items like passport, birth certificate etc etc, their is usually a small fee for small boxes
and are cheaper if you do them yearly.
Or getting your metal safe, a fire proof one, either key or combo lock. And put items in there, try
www.walmart.com for a fairly decent and cheap one, I'm not certain about shipping internationally though... but there just some thoughts... in the meantime. Add another lock to your door, and put "bells" on your door (window too if you could) knob.
Ta ta for now...

Campfyah said...

Jdid..doan worree de raft start tuh build already.

BklynBabe...yuh doan wanna hear de stories bout de banks themselves thiefing from de customers.

Sml Island Gal, so true...Never wear precious jewlery out and about and de way things looking, doan leave them at home either.

Sunshine..such is life inna Arepaland.

madbull4 said...

Well, I was going to tell you to send me your valuables, I would keep them safe for you, but if there are no diamonds, rubies and emeralds, well.... cho, nuh bodda ;-)

Cymple said...

Uh oh. Even if you don't have much to steal, something like that just makes you feel violated. Be safe!

sonyared said...

Wow..I know that is a really scary situation. I will think positive and pray that this comes to a hault...Be safe girl

Brotha Buck said...

I thought I posted before, but I must have not hit post! Anyway, I've only been robbed once. Not really robbed, but I had a stereo stolen once. I was spooked every time I got in my car for about two weeks.

Tracey said...

I will pray for the security of you and the hubby's home. A robbery can make you feel so violated.
If that should happen and they catch the person they need to open him up up and pour 4 containers on Diamond Crystal Salt on he insides.

Did I say that out loud???