14 August 2005

viajeros de mundo

As I was browsing through the blogroll today, specifically my girl Traynice I cam across another one of those tell about yourself things that has been making the rounds. I wasn't impressed with the questions they were asking, but one section caught my attention. so it got me to thinking. I've travelled a lot and have lived in quite a few countires, so I just wanted to reflect and share some of my viajeros de mundo. The questions were as follows:

Been to New York : Yes, I grew up there and never really appreaciated the beauty and magnificance of it until I got older and heard someone say that one of their greatest wishes was to spend Christmas in NYC? I was struck what's so great about christmas in NYC? A lot, the magical lights, sights, sounds, atmosphere...NYC is just an awesome place. Truly the city that never sleeps.

Been to California : Yes, not for too long, but been there.

Hawaii: Yes, twice and loved every minute of it, although the place is overflowing with Japaneese tourist and thigns are so damned expensive. visited the Dole plantation and since pineapples are amongst my favorite fruit, I was awestruck to see field and fields of pineapples growing, and of course eating one just pulled from the field. Waikiki Beach, is crowded, but like South Beach, you are there to see and be seen.

South Pacific: Yes, Guam...not much people know that this island is U.S. terrority. A beautiful little island in the middle of no where.

China: No

Canada : Yes, Montreal & Toronto. several times as I have family who lives there. I've travelled by car, bus and plane. Plan to to the car trip again soon.

Europe: Yes, vive en Alemania por tres años; Belgium,Amsterdam where drugs flow free and are legal, ladies of the day and night pose in windows advertising their trade and Maduradam, the greates display of tulips in the world. Spain, London, Austria, visited Anne Frank's house. Liechtenstine, Czec Republic, Russia, Saw the midnight sun in St Basils square and cathedral, Switzerland. All of these countires had their own uniqueness about them.

Asia: Yes, Japan, Korea (lived there for 1 yr), Thailand.. what an experience worrying about my greatest fear the whole 3wks I was there. snakes

South America: Si, senorés y señoras. Although I've been livin ghere for more than 4 yrs, it's regretable that I havn't visited more S. American countries especially neighboring Colombia and Brazil. But all hope is not lost as yet.

Central America: Costa Rica, walked into the Rain Forrest and walked on top of a active volcanp...most awesome thing I've ever done. I also saw my first waterfall in Costa Rica. Note: Do you know that Costa Rica is the only country in the world without an Army. Everyone lives behind huge iron gates.

Africa: Yes, Egypt. Flew over the Great Pyramids of Giza. But unfortunately not he real motherland. I have South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and Coté de Ivore on my list of priority visits.

West Indies: Yes. Was born in Barbados, and have visited St. Lucia and Trinidad. Another regret is that I havn't visited more caribbean islands, since we are one CARICOM people.

So there you have it. I'm sure that I might have missed a country or two, but when I look back upon my many travels, I must say that I'm truly blessed to have such an awesome opportunity especially when I know that 70% of Americans have never left the United States and many of them have never left the state in which they were born. I hope to hit many more countries. Australia being one of them and the last continent.

Share your travel experiences with us. I have many stories out of mine that can be shared. some too embrassing, funny and too ridiculous for you to believe.


Abeni said...

Thats a lot of travel.my travel stories range from losing my passport,missing the flight,losing money (happens ivariably) and yes the ticket expiring.Lucky for me when I got to Bdos the immigration officer did not pick it up.

smallislandgirl said...

Wow are you some secret celebrity rich and famous with a secret blog? I mean thats a lot of traveling.
I can't wait to hear your stories.

Dr. D. said...

Have done a fair amount of travel myself...but reading your various excursions I now realize I have little to chat about!

Campfyah said...

ohmigoodness....by no means am I nuh super rich celeberity in disguise...lordee ah wish ah did doh. I was just fortunate enough to have a job that required me to travel a lot, and I took advantage of every opportunity.

The Marlo Girl said...

how jealous am i? what the heck did you do for a living?


Traynice said...

Hey the link for my name doesnt work :)

Wow! I will pray for you all safe Journey out of there to your next one.

Man I want to check out Dole too!