07 September 2005

A different Perspective

Still yet, another post about hurricane Katrina. This name will resound in our minds for years to come. But I'm pretty sure that this is my ultimate discussion on the issue. unless of course, some off the wall occurance happens and we I feel compled to voice my 2 bolivars.

Over the last two days the hubby and I have been having some heated discussions in regards to the rescue efforts and the support or lack thereof on the part of the government officials. His view is that the Fed gov't and GWB should not take the blame for the laspe in the rescue efforts. He thinks that FEMA should take the full heat and all of them should be fired. He is adamant that proverty and racism plays no part in the situation in N'orleans. He thinks that should the diaster occur in any other state in the U.S. that the response would have been the same. I say well, maybe such is the case, but you can't help to note, that proverty and racism, do play an integral part in the unfolding scenariao.

You see the hubbys perspective comes from the fact that he don't really understand the race and proverty dimension in the U.S. Hubby grew up in Carribean, Small Island. I grew up in Big urban City U.S.A. Our views are totally different when it comes to thses issues facing black Americans. Hubby said he'd like to see a survey done in middle class Fl/LA/MS regarding the evacuation process during a hurricane and compare it to N'Orleans. I told him there is no comparision. He's not sold. So the debate between us continues.

Now, in other related issues. I have some questions. Watching the coverage and especially Arron Brown News Night and Larry King, I noticed some obviously missing persons. Larry and Arron have been interviewing quite a number of people in the spotlight. Erwin Magic Johnson, who donated 5,000 pairs of shoes from his foundation. Celine Dione, Harry Connick Jr., LeeAnn Rymes, John Goodman and a slew more media personalities. Last night it was the Surgeon General, Dr. Phil Mcgraw, and Pastor Rick Warrem (The Purpose Driven Life). These people have visited N'Orleans and offered assistance in some form or the other. We saw footage or Rick praying with some of the victims. Even Oprah in all her majesty took the trip to N'Orleans and was in the midst of things, surveying the area personally. All this got me to thinking and asking a interesting question...

Where are our black religious leaders??

Considering the facts below and the Stats...I am baffled as to why I'm not seein them. Correct me if I'm wrong, Please do. But I've been glued to CNN and BBC (these are the two we get here, ,and I'm seeing everyone else except these people)

So letting Google, do what it does best, I did a search and came across this info:

Although the new megachurches differ in style and orientation, most are characterized by congregations of from 10,000 to 25,000 and spectacular buildings which house sanctuaries, day-care centers, bookstores, and health centers.(exactly what the people of N'Orleans need now) Most resound with crowds and activities seven days a week, and most own businesses, subdivisions, and separate community activity buildings.
But the male and female pastors of the new megachurches, almost all of whom have TV pastorates and feature high-tech video along with foot-tapping music, say they are creating a new church for a new century, and that a congregation can't do its full duty to its parishioners if it doesn't minister to all their needs.

The Word of Faith International Christian Center opened in 1979 in a storefront building in Detroit with 60 people in attendance. Today, Word of Faith is an international ministry with a membership of over 18,000 in a 5,000-seat sanctuary on 110 acres in Southfield, Mich., outside of Detroit.


With a seating capacity of 10,146, the FaithDome of the Crenshaw Christian Center, which was opened in 1990, has one of the largest church sanctuaries in the nation. (what better place to house some of the people than in a church sanctury) Crenshaw Christian Center, with a membership of almost 20,000, is also one of the largest nondenominational churches in the country.
GREATER ST. STEPHEN MINISTRIES Location: New Orleans (well maybe they were affected also and needs the money to rebuild themselves rather than to help)

  • Where is TD Jakes and all these Mega church leaders, who look to these same black communities to keep their television ministeries going.

That was just hitting at the churches. Now the Black Entertainment Industry. Where are they. So we heard Kayne West (I'm so not a fan of his) do his triade on TV, Ok but is he actually doing something to help.

Where is Byoncé, 50 Cents, Jay Z, P. Diddy (OK both of them donated $1M) , Usher, Mairah, and all the other Hip Hop rappers, who are quick to throw a concert in N'Orleans. Who are quick to drop their latest CD in N'Orleans and get these people to buy. Where are they? Why havn't we been seeing them?

  • where are the Black Hip Hop celebrities, who look to these black communities to buy their records and all the other Hip Hop gear.

Where are they?? Are they there and the media isn't showing them? If so, why not? Why are we only seeing the fairer colored celebrities and not those of our own darker color, most of whom are affected by the devastation. Somebodie please help me answer these questions. I didn't even ask of the super atheletes, the mega money football/basketballers celebrities.


Abeni said...

well,we heard Kanye West.Maybe the others organising themselves.Saw Oprah atthe Dome last night

Echo said...

Laffin @ the debate between you and your hubby.

I hear what you're saying when it comes to the black leaders. TD Jakes is in Dallas, and there is a shelter there. I haven't heard of him being there, Have you?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jdid said...

Actually the black entertainment industry aint doing half bad. I know Puffy, JAy Z and a bunch of them supposed to be raising funds. The NBA and NFL players seemed to have stepped up and I Was hearing about NBA guys who took loads of supplies down to the area in texas that the refugees sorry evacuees are in.

regarding the religious leaders wha i aint really expect nuttin from them tv evangelists that just tryin ta keep them own pockets fat. but i've seen calvinbutts, sharpton and jess out making speeches and i assume trying to help out the folks.

all i all dont let face time on tv fool ya but some of the prominent black people in the entertainment industry and such are doing their part, i dont know how many but some

and serena say she donating she big earrings and 100 dolalrs per ace at the U S open. chupse ya mean she couldnt aford more than 100 dollars an ace, cuhdear

anyway black folks trying to help regardless of how it may seem. everybody cant get face time put CNN ya kno

Campfyah said...

Kami---organizing what??? How much organizing it tek tuh put son $$$ or clothes in a 18 wheeler and drive down dey??

Your're welcome KG...

Jdid--That's why I asking? know some people doing all dey can tuh help, but still I find it ironic dat we ein seeing nuh facetime ah de black mega church leaders. IMHO dem shoulda be de first ones up front and center pun Larry and CNN or if Larry/CNN ein call, dem shoulda call and mek bare noise.

Dr. D. said...

Camp.....after all the water dry out/receded/is pumped out...and people seem to be getting back to some sort of 'normal' life, I think that there will be a lot of unanswered questions!

The Marlo Girl said...

i heard jesse jackson and al sharpton were there. the latter was on jimmy kimmel the other night talking about what he wanted to do/was doing (?) for the people of n'awlins

Scratchie said...

I've seen snippets of it but it just not being covered. I'm sure a lot more is being done by the black community than the media is letting on.

brooklyn babe said...

Sup Campfiyah!

From my understanding the hip hop community is out there... nicest course of action I heard (and I've been listening snippets... had to turn my tube off, to stop the angry tears from falling) was rapper "David Banner" beating the National Guard down there, in 2 trips, where he loaded up 2 18 wheeler with supplies, he like Kanye was pissed with "action."

I think this is a wake call for all of us, especially those in a position of power, and money.

Inside Man said...

Contributions have been coming from atheletes and the hip hop community. Terrell Owens sold his champtionship ring, hmmm, that was righteous huh? Nevertheless their have been major contribtution from our higher tier.

I hate to see the beef between the carribean, african, and north american black community, we all should be in it together to support each other. Periiod.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Yes, nuff of your black entertainers and leaders were in New Orleans. Master P was down there, but off course no news coverage of him. I feel once again the news reports are biased. I feel that they're airing the majority of the whites to put them in a good light with the black communities.