11 September 2005


Buenos días a todos---Morning everybodie. Hope the weekend is going well. Nothing much happening here in Arepaland. Not much ah gawan, so I on my way to church and just wanted to reach out and touch some ah yuh all, yuh know the AT&T way or as we would have it down here the CANTV way.

Well let's hope that the sermon today brings us hope and promise of better things ahead in this mad and confusing world. As you or as I did blog roll this week, I came across quite a few blogs deep in contemplation about the reasons of life, aging, hoping ect. With all that's upon us these days, we must accept and acknowledge that there is one more powerful and all knowing than us on earth. He is the One, we must look to daily, He is the One we must give thanks to daily, He is the One we must acknowledge daily. He is the One with all the answers to our questions.

So whether you attend church constantly, of just a few times a year, still acknoweldege Him in all your doings. It will make your life much easier to understand and your burdens much easier to bear. Take a few minuites out of your busy schedule and acknowledge Him. You'll see how much better you'll feel.

So folks, have a Blessed Sunday.

Remember those whoes lives were turned upside down on this day 4yrs ago.


Abeni said...

Didn't get to church today-fighting a cold.I was watching a documentary on 9/11 on Ntl Geographic .What a well planned operation.

mytruth said...

He is the one! Sometimes we have to remember that! No matter what today or tomorrow holds he is the one. He holds everything we need

courtneyelizabeth said...


Dr. D. said...

He is Lord and Master of all. Thanks for Him, He is always there to listen, never too busy.

Amen Sister Camp!

Jdid said...


Mad Bull said...

Camp, you have a big congregation here! I hope they cough up a good collection money?