21 September 2005

Get Rich Quick

OK, I've received all the mail possible regarding this "investment deal", but this one takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. What's wid deese damned Africans that alla dem got all dis money floating bout de place dat dem can't receive. Ah mean Africa in dire need of financial assistant and dem got dis kinda money in other people accounts. Wha de bumba...What happen tuh de 4 and 5 wives that dem does have? Whey all dem families, aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters that all bout de place. Sumbodie from dem own family can't help dem?

Now I know that if I did in exile sumwhey in St. Vincent hiding out up unda Kami's bed or hold up in Jdid's fowl coup, and I had a whole sum a money bout de place that I would get Kami or Jdid self tuh do de transfer fuh me, since dem helping me tuh hide out, or I woulda at least I woulda get one ah dem family members tuh help me out. I wouldn't go and contact some stranger pun de internet tuh help me out...wha I ein know wha kind thief them is or is dem is Interpol or not....
But you tell me wha gine on that these people got this kinda money floating bout de place so. Last week it did two mails from two who claim dat de body who left de money died along wid de entire family pun de Korean airline dat went down onlee God knows when and de other fella and he entire family again get tek out in de Air France Concorde. Like dees people doan realize not tuh travel wid dem whole family pun de same plane, especiallly when dem know that dem got dat kinda money left back. I waiting tuh see now if de next africian zillionaire gine be one dat get tek down in de Greek plane that just crash or the twin towers...chuuppse...

Hello Friend,
I hope this mail meets you well. I am Mrs. Jewel Taylor, wife of the former
president of
Liberia, president Charles Taylor currently on exile in Nigeria with my family.
My movement is being
restricted after the war in Liberia so I’m seeking your assistance in
transferring my funds totaled
$19,000,000,00 which in a finance house in Europe into your account for
investment purpose.
Read these links about my husband:
Please i know very well that you will be surprised to receive this mail but I
beg you in God's name
to assist me because I don’t have anywhere to turn to than to contact you on
e-mail. If you are
willing to assist me, I will be expecting your mail so as to enable me direct
you on what to do for
a swift transfer of the funds to your account. And I want you to understand that
without trust we
cannot have a successful transaction, this funds is all my hope and my life
savings. I wait for
your urgent response.
Best regards,
Mrs. Jewel Taylor.


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Abeni said...

They think we are all suckers.I lost count of the number of them things in my mailbox.One day my got one telling her hse won some money.Just for fun she called the number they left and the guy was telling her to transfer some noney to a specified account to help with charges etc.Bare scam

Angry Dog said...

Bwoy, that was one of the earliest scams I read about since I was learning about compy security--just the thought of it is pretty dumb, but hey, there are a lot of gullible people out there with dreams of getting rich quick after all!

Scratchie said...

The crap continues. Last week I got one addressed to me personally. I figured they did some kinda web search and the name came up. Usually it say Dear Friend or some crap...this one had my name.

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No_the_game said...

i love your blog but one quick question how do u save yahoo avatar Pls let me know

Campfyah said...

create the Avatar, right click on the avatar and save it to your computer.

Dr. D. said...

If you get any o de millions share some wid you blog pals...we will be sure to blog about it!


Shotta M said...

I tired of dem scams - I get such junk e-mails almost everyday.

Jdid said...

i may have to repost my classic response to that scam email lol