26 September 2005

Todo cosas bein

must come to an end some day sooner or later and so have our days of living in Res Ana T. Although it has been a good two yrs, it also have been some trying and stressfull times. But like they say, you gotta take the good with the bad. So let me do a review of our time in Res Ana T.

We moved here two yrs, ago because it was more convienent for us. The Apt was nicer and we thought we were getting a better deal, in fact we did get a better deal in certain areas, but surely got the short end of the stick in others.

Bueno v Mal---Good vs Bad

One thing we will surely miss is this awesome view. This is my daily view of the magistical Avila mountain range as I sit at the computer ... huummm what a view. somedays like when the picture was taken, the mountains are clear and just awesome beautiful. see the Humbolt hotel just off there on the top left. Other days, like today, the Avila is clouded over as rain moves in and you can only see the foothills of the mountain. Still yet on other days, they are bands of puffy white clouds drifting just halfway down the mountain and the bottom and tops are absolutely picturisque stunning. The new joint still have a view of the Avila, but just not as spectacular.

Another thing we will miss are the two huge and I mean huge balconies we had. One balcony was towards the Avila side and the other towards the City side. We had our choice, do we want to star gaze on the Avila, or enjoy the lights and sounds of the city. I must say that sittin/lying out on the balconies at night was marvelous. The hubby and I would just take out a blanket, two pillows and make mischieft under the stars.... alla that done wid now. Boye, ah tell yuh living on de top floor of an Apt has its advantadges as well as it's disadvantages, but in this case the advantages sure outweight the disadvantages..... alla inquiring minds wanna kno now...wunna too malicious. The new place has a much smaller terraza, but it's a covered one. It'll do.

The gardens... we had beautifuls gardens, they ran along the length of the Apt. Quite an unusual setting for a garden although it's not uncommon for Apts to be built with a garden space. Actually most Apts here are built with outdoor garden boxes, so as you walk/drive along, you'll see trees growing up from 7th or 12th Flr Apts. Latin Americans love their plants. But the uniquness of our garden was that it ran the length of the Apt and we could actually walk out onto them. So we could walk from the living/dining room area down to our bedrooms from the garden. Another unique thing (to us) was that we didn't have windows in the Apt. We had a total of two. What we had instead were these great sliding glass doors that also acted as windows. So we always had them opened. It was great, because at night we would sleep with our bedroom doors opened unto the garden. No sweat, no hassle and no peeping Toms. It's surely an idea that we'll incorporate into any house we build. No gardens at the new place. We'll have to make do with potted plants.

Next missing item will be the 5 head massage shower. Yup, that's right 5 heads, one from the top and two stragetically located at each sides of the shower, talking about bathing in luxury with B&B Jasmine Vanilla after a tiring day ... ahhh the simple pleasures of life. Jump in the marble shower, turn on the massage and lost yourself in pure comfort. Only thing is you were standing up, but man, we've wasted much water just enjoying that massage and the smell and feel of Bath and Body Works. I woman need to buy some of that stock, but I digress. As I said from the beginning all good things must come to an end sooner or later. But we enjoyed it will we can( and when we had water ha ha ha). Normal shower in new joint, nothing fancy.

Yes, the Apt was big, and spacious, over 300 mtr2 lots of room and lots of cleaning ... It served us well for the past 2yrs, it was comfortable and locate in a great area, BUT and you know there must be a but if the Apt was so great, yet we are moving. But we had issues with the same big spacious apt. Issues like constant leaking. When rain would fall, we would be better off outside than inside. The leaking was terrible and the two eddiat dueƱos (landlords) we had use to get on our last nerves with their mismanaged selves. Small people shouldn't mix in big people business and dem had nuh business being landlords. The one never know what the other was doing or what they themselves was doing. They will set a meeting to meet us at one time and show up 2hrs later. They have never set a meeting with us and showed up on time.

We had a lot of nice features, but not functioning ones. e.g. we had lights in the garden outside the living room, but could never use them for more than 20 mins, because they would trip the fuses in the rest of the Apt. imagine the horror on our faces when it first happened to us. Last night, while checkng out the AC, we had all four of them running, yes they have 4 different units for the Apt, and guess what? Bram... all power out, when we check it's just our Apt...try the fuse boxes in both areas of the house, nothing... finally, after checking everything we can, we had to go downstairs to the lobby of the Bldg and flip the main switch to the Apt. We didn't even know that one existed down there.

Other issues were elevators that were constantly out of order, imagine coming home wid a cart full of groceries and having to haul them up 6 flts of stairs, not a happy camper. And the list goes on with the misfortunes of such a beautiful Apt. So as of tomorrow, we'll begin our exedous out of this Apt and on to a smaller not as beautiful, but hopefully more comfortable one.

I'll probably be off line from tomorrow, and knowing CANTV the phone company here who has the monopoly on internet connection, who knows when they will reconnect us. So let's hope it's beforewe get our parole papers outta hey.

So enjoy until I can reach out and touch Blogland again.


Lene said...

DAYUM!! I can only hope to live in a place like that one day. Terrances!! Five Head showers!!

Dr. D. said...

De place did looking nice Camp! Nice view o de mountains...nice balcony for you to flex wid hubby unda stars, wikid shower, big spacious apartment (pity it leaked)

One o dem days...maybe....if I win de Lotto! ;-)

Shotta M said...

Beautiful looking place - too bad about the probs with the leaks and stuff. I'd be happy with that layout for an apartment, in fact it would make me high.

Scratchie said...

All the best with the moving. Here's hoping you don't stay away too long. That apartment looked nice...pity there were the unlivable problems.

Stunner said...

O h how I wish my apartment was like that! I can only dream of living in an apartment like that :(

Angry Dog said...

Bwoy the place pretty like money! Too bad it had all of said issues! Here's hoping that the new place will be nicer!

feels good b n FREE said...

moving usually sux

hopefully it wont for you.

but dag..it's gotta be hard to part from that shower!!


Sunshine said...

Hi Cmapfyah-Georgeous apt. Yu wicked unde de stars with hubby. Dat shower awesome. That's the best way-LOL. Wishing you the best in your new place.

Mad Bull said...

Hope you enjoy the new place even more!

Xquizzyt1 said...

girl... I was crying over my fly-ass apartment when I moved too... umm... but it was NOT that MTV-Cribs shit YOU were living in!!! Hope your next spot makes that one look like a dump!!! LOL =))) It was beautiful though!!! =)))