30 October 2005

Fin de Semana

¿qué pasa? blog possee!! It's the weekend and not much happening here in Arepaland. It be like that sometimes, Some weekends yuh just got so much on yuh plate that before you look around two-two the weekend gone and yuh ein even know when was Friday night or Sunday morning, all yuh seeing is Monday morning and alarm clock gone off.--time tuh get ready for work. Then some weekends just lazy on by and yuh get some rest and relaxation and yuh got no frets or complaints.

This gonna be one of those weekends for me. Friday night caught the hubbby and I attending the celebration of the national day ofthe Cezch Republic. Nice cool night socializing wid some friends and meeting some new ones. It's all part of the game.

Saturday was was to work, but got a call saying some plans fell thru so he dona haffa go into work no more. Well I woman Camp capitalized on the opportunity and put hubby to work at home. We went to the garden shop and bought some plants for the Apt. I should have consulted with Sunshine first to see which was the better choice for indoor vs outdoor. Anyhow we picked up some flowering ones for the windowstill outside the bedroom, and a plant arrangement for the house, plus two herbs plant for the kitchen ah thyme and mint. Next week or so, we gonna buy some ponsettias to place through the place and gt ready for the holiday spirit.

After, the morning of plant shopping, the hubby stomach start to growl and Mr Camp looking for grub. so I headed to the pescaderia (fish market) and organize the man some coro-coro, I don't know de name in english, but theml ike some lil grey chubs or something similar. I bought a kilo, clean and season them. I fried them, fixed up a ensalada and we went to town wid a glass of Sangria, finished off the even with a nice relaxation-----

Today, domingo, I off to iglesia just now, hubby left already. But he gotta work today, so after we blessings and spiritual enlightment, he off to work and I gonna orgainze a dinner of pepper steak. So Allyuh in blogsphere take some time to get some spiritual food today. rest, relax, take a sea bath for those of us that can't and refresh for yet another Monday in the dog eat dog work of work.

ciao--- hasta luego


Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-So what did you get at the garden shop? Usually what does well inside are Aglaonemas, Kentia Palms, Rhapis Palms, Spathiphyllums. Crotons tend to be highlight plants. Anyway anytime you needs helpful hints, mek me know. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Dr. D. said...

coro coro.....hmm...de name nuh sound too appetizing, but I guess Cookie Camp did fix it up good.

Well, dis week I only working Monday and Tuesday...Wednesday I off to Kami's country!

smallislandgirl said...

camps girl we have a fish here that we call cro cro too maybe its the same thing.
I like how you put spanish words in your blog gives me a chance to catch up on my spanish. Enjoy your week too. :o)

Jdid said...

whats dat ya say, ya planting herb? well well well, well in all my born days i din think i wud see de day when camp come in hayso so boldface an tell we say she planting herb. looka muh crosses then :-)

Stunner said...

What kinda "Herb" dat yuh planting...having a little cultivation in the apt. eh.

What kinda fish that...sound like a word Jamaicans would use to describe undesirable people!

Scratchie said...

Hi Camp...all settled now in the new abode....enjoy the rest of the week.