26 October 2005

zappatos y carterras

My love affair with shoes and handbags. Yes, I have quite a collection, well nuttin like Imelda Marcos or none ah de movie stars, but I holding muh own. Anyone that knows me, know that I like a handbag and pair ah shoes. I think that with the right accessories, especially the bag and shoes that a woman can make an ordinary outfit into a smashing success. I am also a firm believer that the shoes and bag must match the outfit and each other. OK. I ein gonna win no fashion award, but I try my best.

Now most people would say, hey most women like bags and shoes and that might be true, but we all have our reasons for having such fetishes. For me, I don't know, how I came about with the bag one, but I can give you the shoe story.

I'm not gonna be ashamed to say that I grew up on the lower side of poor. yes the family was poor and many ah times we had to make do. I remember once that they was only one air of sneakers for the three girls, we would take our turns wearing them and fight about it too nuh joke--- as we grew up a little more, I was one of the last kids in class to get a pair of kneds (I think that was the name) sneakers..shucks and the darned things did cost only about $15.00 at the time...boy life being poor ein easy atall. But my truning moment came when I was about 16 or so. I was going for a little job interview. At the time the jobs used to be posted as guy/gal Fridays. meaning that you cud get a lil part-time pick from friday to Sunday.

So Camp dress up in she Mays (remember that dept store) best. At the time, the shoes in fashion were some cloth shoes with laces and cork heels. of course I had the May's or Woolthorth brand and not the top of the line. anyhow...Camp dress to death and venture into Manhattan (The City) for my lil job interview. Interview finish and Camp trying to find she way back to the subway, when she stepped the wrong way on the side walk, foot wring (bajan word for ankle twisted) and Camp shoe heel brek off. imagine such horror. In de middle ah NYC during rush hour and your shoe heel breaks off. Camp still got another two blocks or more to walk to the subway and to make matters worse, I wearing a skirt. Talk about pure embarassment ... I couldn't have sink any lower that day. Well I had no choice but to wobble to the station. I didn't even have enough money to run into a discount store and buy a pair of $2.99 sandals. I had barely my token for the train and about a $1.50 or so extra... Anyhow, I made it home. I never even got the job. I promised myself that whenever I got a real job, that I was never going to be in that position again and hence began my love affair with shoes.

I always make sure that I have shoes for comfort, pleasure, style and to match almost every piece of item in my closet. If I want to wear something and find that I don't have the approiate matching shoes, I make sure that I do for the next wearing. I added recently to my collection with a purchase of 4 pairs last week. But I needed (yea right) those because I had recently gotten rid of 3 pairs that were getting on my nerves...ha ha ha too old, one pair I had less than a year. But hey, if they not functioning..they gotta go.

As for the bags, well that just fell in place, I guess to match the shoes. I just admire a career woman with a well designed handbag on her shoulder, so I adopted the same attitude. Now, I don't own many of the $200-400 over priced bags, besides, I'm a New Yorker..why pay $300 for the original when the knock-off looks just as good for $150 or less, most often less. But I do own some originals. My first real one was a Coach, when I didn't even know about designer bags. At the time I thought that I just had a nice leather bag, until my friend made the big fuss about me owning a Coach. I still have that bag to this day. I constantly change my bags and retire them as the styles changes or I get tired of them. I see a new purchase on the horizion. The new Chanel Caribbean collection, ikes, gold and green...irie. so there yuh have it my love affair con zappatos y carterras.

hasta luego


smallislandgirl said...

girl i could relate but somehow no matter how much shoes i own i end up just wearing about three often and the others just stay in the closet for special occasions.

Mad Bull said...

Sounds like you have Imelda Marcos beaten to me!

Stunner said...

That reminds me that I need some foot-ware. I need a new sneakers, work shoes and a Tims. I can't tell the last time I got myself shoes.

Miz JJ said...

I love bags. Last time I was in NY I bought ten pairs of shoes and 6 bags. You can never have too many.

Abeni said...

I have so many shoes it kinda sinful.Funny thing my mother would quarrel about me having shoes I don't wear then on her travels would bring me back more saying she couldn't pass them up.Her excuse is my feet so small that she see a small size she gotta get it.I love bags too but more into the shoes.

Jdid said...

i duz wear basicaly three pairs of shoes. nike sneakers in the sumer, lugz in the fall and spring and some boots in the winter. i got more than that but i really dont wear too many shoes. a good pair of nike hikers and i set