21 November 2005


Blogger gets on my last nerves at times. Just when you write something, save ait or not save andready to post, blogger eats your stuff and spit nothing back in yuh face. I looked at my blog and decided that it's high time that I update the links section. Delete some that are no longer active and update those who leaves comments and those who are good reads. but blogger decide not to be cooperative today and everything I update the template, It just won't save it or post it....telling me foolishness that the page can't be found. I did it three times and each time, blogger just cancels it out. So I'm just going show some respect to a few peoples.

Some bloggers I like to read and yet to update in my links, here goes, to Diva good reads. Cynple it took me a bit to figure out your name, but I see nothing cymple about your writings. xquizzyt1 girl, you are all of that and more to read, I always get a good laff at your frankness. Princess Dominique keep going woman I wish I could register for some of those prizes you give away, but I'm in Areapaland and they would never reach me. For the fellas, K.G & Revolution Island I'm catching on to you guys. Luke Cage, you always leave comments. I love your artistic site, but the comic book characters are just beyond me, but I still appreciate your luv. I know there are more, but I just don't have the right words, and some are still to new to comment.

So when blogger stops messing with me, I'll link you to my site.

So what's happening in Arepaland??? Not much, same ole, same ole rain, rain, rain...OK. well we didn't have much rain over the weekend, so I guess we are beginning to dry out. But the clouds are hanging over and threatening more rain. The weekend was pretty cool. Mr. Camp and I went and limed at an old Bajan couple living in Arepaland for the last 40 plus years. They had pretty much the whole Bajan community (all 10 of us) over for a relaxing evening of old talking and good food and booze. Sunday was church times two, as it was the annual Thanksgiving service with a taste of American Thanksgiving afterwards. This is where our church invite the english speaking diplomatic community for the service and the U.S ambassador give the presidential thanksgiving address. Well there is some issues amongst the congregration about this address, because our church is an international church with over 20 different countries represented and some people feel dat dem no need tuh hear de American president thanksgiving message. Anyhow, I eingot no comment.

After service, we served turkey snadwiches, wid cranberry sauce and pumpkin fritters. Apple or pumpkin pie served as the dessert. Well yuh know how it is when some people see food. I was well tired yeterday, as I baked one of the turkeys, and then sliced it and was part of the kitchen crew, serving and cleaning. It was all Good however. Yuh gotta deal with these things from time to time. Some people just wanna eat and find fault while others doing all de work.

On a lighter note, We filled up the Dodge Caravan yesterday. 45 liters of petro for Bs. 4,400.00. The official exchange rate is $1.00 = Bs, 2.190.00. Go do de math, but doan shoot me after. In other words, we filled up for someting like $2.50. Wunna see now why Chavez, doan tek on Bush. Petro bout hey good and plentifull.

Well this is ashort week for me. 48 hrs and counting until vacation starts.


Abeni said...

Oh Hush with the gas prices:)

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Where are you flying off to now for vacation. I nevva see people vacation so much you and Mr. Camp. Fuel so cheap. Ours went down to around $2.67 per gal from about $3.00.
It's always good to commune with your fellow "peoples".

Enjoy your vacation.

Campfyah said...

Sunshne, when you live amongs the stressful people as deese Venezuleans, yuh need tuh take vacation to maintain yuh sanity. Today was one day I was glad to be leaving tomorrow, cause I wanted to strangle sumbodie.

Anyhow we off to Bimshire to see de pickeney and family.

Dr. D. said...

Camp...you mean you filled up....45 LITRES of petrol for US $2.50??? That is unheard of! We paying more than that for a gallon!

Anyway, enjoy your trip to Bim.