10 November 2005


Wow!!! it's mid week already. It seems like blogsphere is on the down low this week, checking the blogs, I see people retiring, people taking RnR and many people just too busy and tired to blog. I tell yuh the stress of life. When we all gonna hit mega lotta and just retire from this rat race? I ready to hit it, just dat dey ein no legit lotto playing in my part ah de world. Anyhow, I just passing thru quickly to drop a word or two.

I forgot to mention last blog dat I got a big bash to attend this weekend. It the Annual St. Andrews Ball which is better known as Scottish Ball For the four plus yrs that I've been here, I had always heard of this event. Many kudo goes out to the orgnanizers for puttin on such a gala. However, the hubby and I never attended. Well last year, the event organizer snagged me at every opportunity asking if we were attending. I findangled my way out of a definite answer knowing that we weren't going. Well, figuring that this was going to be our last year here, we though we'd splurge a bit and attend this year's Ball. So off we go.

I got my frock ready, the hubby insisted that he'll only go if he can wear a kilt. I gracefully talked him out of such an idea. just imagine Mr. Camp wid he two spragley legs (bajan for skinny) walking bout de people place in a skirt...naahh I din accepting dat atall. So it's normal suit an tie fuh Mr. Camp. But check this, they been dance practices dat we havn't been going to. So I was convinced and corerced by some friends to attend the final practice tonight. So off I going for me Scottish dance practice. It' will be interested indeed.


Update, the Scottish Dance practice was a ball..ha ha ha we had so much fun. It's truly an exercise in itself. I kept saying to myself and Mr. Camp, please don't let us forget the camera on Saturday. The other ladies kept telling me, please wear comfortable shoes. I can see why, it's a lot of hopping and jumping and skipping. so just imagine men in skirts, and women in ball gowns, just doing a bunch ah hopping, skipping, twitching all over de place on Sat night.
I tried to post some photos, but blogger and my computer just not cooperating. I hope to get the darn computer fixed by weekend.


Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Well you're gonna have to tell me what the Scottish Ball is all about. Clicked on the link but no page found. I presume it's some type of charity event. Anyway, sounds like fun. Enjoy yourselves this weekend and a full report please.

Ri said...

Enjoy your ball, I linked you from Sunshine's site. I agree, no skirts for men.

Abeni said...

A Sottish man told me its too heavy to be called skirt-not that I was convinced

Mad Bull said...

Abeni, man always tell lie. Doh believe him one ra$$!

Scratchie said...

wear like skirt...look like skirt...feel like skirt....chances are it's a skirt... :)

Dr. D. said...

Down Low Camp? Naw girl...not in dese parts!

No skirts....I agree.

So, is Riverdance y'all going be doing? Pics please! Enjoy it.

Stunner said...

I've seen the Scotts' dance before and it look quiet like a good workout. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I won't even comment on the skirt issue, lol!