16 November 2005

mitad de semana

My mid week blues just got washed awayas I heard that the TnT Socca Warriors just qualified for next years world Cup. I feel proud fuh de twin island nation. First it was the Reggae Boyz now it the Socca Warriors, ah wonder when de Bajan Trident gonna mek de qualifications? Anyhow ah Big Biggup tuh de team...we gonna be backing allyuh all de way.

Well, it's another dreary day here in Arepaland. Not much happening except de clouds and de rain. This weather bout tuh drive a person mad, but I guess given the choice or rain or snow, I might as well tek de rain. I hear all parts of Denver, CO and up dey by Brotha Buck in Iowa, covered in snow. I also figure, that the rain ein too bad as long as it ein accompained by nuh Twister like wha happening all ova de central and southern USA. The weather has really been stange lately and you never know what to expect next.

Last night Mr Camp and I went out to dinner with some friends. Actually I wrote about the woman and her child before, can't think to find the link now. Well, let me admit, I have been awful lately. I have not been inviting them to the house, because I refuse to rearrange my house for a lil pickeney and a woman who refuse to put some strains on the child. Also, after the last disasterous date out with mother and child, I have also been avoiding going out with her. She has met up with me at some places, and has been quite shocked that I went to such event and not invited her to come along with me or have I offered her a ride back home. Some tense moments there.

Anyhow, the hubby seeing and sensing my actions, decided that we can't continue to avoid them and we should invite them to dinner (her husband is really a nice person). I told hubby, it ein happening at my house. he suggested we go to their house, but then I said, but we can't invite ourselves to their house (something which the woman does quite frequently to us) but since we have class, we won't reciporcate. So the alternative, was a restaurant. So off we go. Got to the place and wanted to sit outside, but the rain starts to pour so we went inside.

From the minute we sit down, everything on the table starts to move, child all over the place, no kinda constraints put on the child atall, atall. It's so fustrating and annoying. But we managed through the dinner, didn't stay for after drinks, dessert or coffee. Now, I know that little children will be curious and want to touch this, that and everything. but it's the parents duty, to say NO, and enforce in the child that yuh just can't be destroying de place. Have some control on the child. At one point the father asked the mom. Did you bring a little toy for Sally?? the mom calmly replies, are you kidding? you think she will play with it? can you imagine such????

Another situation regardng sed child and mom. She called me the other day all excited that Sally going to be starting play school. how interesting!
How old is Sally again?
Oh, she'll be 16mths in Jan when she starts.
Wow isn't that a bit young?
Oh no, Mary's daughter is the same age as Sally and she's already started.
Oh, OK. So tell me about it.
Well the school is going to cost $1,000.00 for registration and $250.00 per month for 2 days a week, 4 hrs a day.
Isn't that a bit expensive?
Oh no, Mary and Jane who has kids in other schools pays much more than that.
Oh, OK. but what will she be doing there? she can't talk and isn't potty trained.
Oh, that dosn't matter. It just a play group and it's a Montiesier(sp) school. They teach them colors, and numbers and things like that. I would never know to do those things at home with Sally.
What??? Am I hearing right??? Why wouldn't you know to do those things?
Because, I have no idea what to do with little kids. Did you do those thing with your son?
Yes, I did, and he was in daycare out of necessity, not out of choice. Every day, I came home from work, exhausted, tired and fustrated, but still cooked, cleaned, and played with my son, and teach him, colors, numbers, ect.
Oh, No, I won't know what to do with Sally, plus, it's good to have her in school, so I can have a little break.

Now, that was the gist of the conversation. It was the last straw for me. I want to hold this woman and strangle her. shake some sense and sensibility into her regarding child raring. But instead, I just shake my head and pray for both her, Sally and the husband. And to think she wants another child soon. Some people just have the nerve. Here, she is with the opportunity to stay home and nurture her child and she rushing to put her in daycare, cause she tired ah being home alone wid de child all day, plus she don't know what to do with the child. I said this before an I'll say it again. some people nuh have right having child. pickeney not fuh fashion yuh know.

Folks enjoy, your sunny or rainy day.


Dr. D. said...

Camp...me agree wid you. Wah 16 month old pickney a do inna 'play school'? Colours and numbers? Bwoy, some people have money fe dash weh!

She clearly was not raised in a Caribbean home or she would have at least a clue about how a child is expected to behave.

Wait 'till de pickney reach all eight and start tun big woman pon her. Kiss teet.

Ri said...

I have a 2 y.o and I hope I ain't pissin off all my friends. He is not in play school yet, he is going in Ja. 06. (He will be 30 months old then) Montessori is like 4 times more expensive than that here. My boy won't be going to Montessori.

Jdid said...

interesting indeed. i feel fa poor sally. hmmm kinda reminds of our other acquaintance doesnt it

Stunner said...

DDat pickney is going to teach her a lesson when she gets older! If you think the child is bad now, wait until she gets older, if the parents don't instill some disciplin

Neo said...

Cam - Shout outs from Philly town!

smallislandgirl said...

thanks for the nice comments on my blog and for the good wishes to the football team.
You are right some people don't know how good they have it.

Mad Bull said...

And she wants anodda one! Heh heyyyyy!!