30 January 2006

Patillia Amarillo

Well looka hey, last week done gone and now it's not only a new week, but de ending of the month. Just a few days ago, we were all celebrating Christmas and the New Years, mekking new years resolutions, promises ect and two-twos yuh turn around and the first month of the year gone already...Time sure flying fast once yuh enjoying life or yuh getting older..take yuh pick from one of those. BTW how the resolutions going?

So how was your weekend???? Mine was pretty good. It started Friday with a retirement luncheon. Our receptionist at the office retired after working for our company for over 17yrs. This was her second retirement. She retired at the jolly young age of 85. Imagine that retiring at 85. and if you saw the lady, she is so full of spirit, love, joy and all the pleasantries we could shower upon her. We surely will miss her. It was a luncheon filled with tears, memories and laughter and some good food and vibes.

Speaking of the food. It was prepared by our resident chef, another masterpiece. A woman who has never visited the island of Barbados, but who can cook a mean Bajan dish of rice n' peas, curry chicken, fish cakes pumpkin fritters, flying fish, shall I go on..the woman can cook some Bajan food plain and simple. OK back to the topic at hand. te weekend.

On Friday night, we went to a Quiz night held by the British folks here. Oh what fun it was. Last year our team came last, this year we came 4th out of 9 teams hey, we getting better. But it was pure fun. Lot's of questions we had no idea of the answers, but what a learning experience.

sabado, was the regular, sleep in late, hit the supermercado, panaderia ect. and just chill the day away. domingo, church and more slumber. So you saying, yuh ein understand the title and all de rambling hey, OK.. senility setting in so bear wid me.

patillia amarillo (yellow watermellon) On Sat while doing the shopping, we bought our usual frutis, veggies ect. Watermellon is always on our list, so we stopped by the veggie market and bought our normal patilla rojo. then off to the supermarket to get the other stuff and what do we come upon una patilla amarillo. What a rare sight. I was just looking so fresh, sweet and juicy. So I insisted to hubby that we buy it also. Yes, I know that we already purched the red one, but I woman have a love affair wid me stomach and wanted the yellow one also. so inna de cart it go. Got home and unpacked the groceries but left out the patilla amarillo.

No sooner than all the alimentos was packed away did I dig into the patilla. talk about sweet and juicy. It was well worth the purchase. I ate almost half of it right there and then. The other half was used to make juice for breakfast on Sunday.

I juiced the rind, seed and flesh, nothing was left to waste, added a inch of fresh juiced ginger and whalllaaa. What a pleasant refreshing juce it made and such a lovely color also. Juicing is a natural in our home as we don't buy commercial juice anymore. But I think that's ah whole other post by itself.

So another week, payday and another Bs1.00. Times ruff inna de yard, but de countdown tuh parole coming soon. Enjoy and take it easy.


Stunner said...

Yeah the year is racing away. Have you noticed how time flies much faster these days?

I have never heard of Yellow Watermelon before! Wow! I need to try that one. Does it taste different?

I love blended natural juices!

Scratchie said...

never seen that before.....looks nice though

Brotha Buck said...

I recently pulled out the not used since the wedding juicer and made quite a mess of the kitchen. I put the juicer away.

Campfyah said...

Ye yellow one taste pretty much like the red. I'd seen the yellows before but it's quite a rare sight.

Buck pull the juicer out and do veggies with a apple. No mess, no fuss.

Ri said...

Nice juice. Typical brits with the quizzes. How did the lady learn how to cook bajan?

Campfyah said...

She learned from a former boss who was a woman and entertained plenty.

Abeni said...

Never seen a yellow watermelon either.I would have thought it was pumpkin:)

Dr. D. said...

Yellow melon eh? Looks nice tho melon not on my list of fruits that I like.

Tracey said...

You have to teach me about the natural juicing.