01 June 2006


Well the summer vacation is coming along pretty good. Kinda better than I expected. I'm still in NY and enjoying every bit of it. I've been doing some travelling along the I-95 corridor including hiting as far up as Boston and also down to the Nations Capital. I still have another trip to make before I make my moves out of the U.S of A later on. Yes, I am taking pics along the way, It just that I forgot my docking station at the crib so I'm unable to download anything. I will have some stuff on disc that I can post within the next few days or so however.

So far I'm rediscovering NYC and I'm amazed at what a culturally rich city it is. The other day I took the train down to the majestical Grand Central Terminal Now, I'm by no means unfamaliar with the famous landmark. A few years back when I worked in NYC. 49 St /Grand Central was my morning subway stop. But like the average NYer, it was my duty to hussle my way to and from work, so taking the time to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of Grand Central was not on my redar. This time was quite different, as I intentionally and leisurely took the time to enjoy the refurbished ceiling of the terminal, not to mention the great shopping and dining.

From Grand Central, I walked leisurley down to Bryant Park. As much as I've heard and know about this park over the years, it was actually my first time ever going there. The park is located directly behind the NY public library. I got there right around lunch time and it was great. People of all races, religions, profession, creed and most of all status from the gardener to the CEO were all just out sitting or lying on the lawn enjoying the beautiful afternoon having lunch or a nap.

I continued my stroll down to The Crossroads of America. Once again, a place that I've visited on countless occasions, but nonetheless it was still an enjoyable and pleasant vist this time around. What was most satisfying about the tour was that I was going at it solo. No one to rush me or interrupt me. I was on Camp time and Camp time alone. Where is the hubby you ask? Well he's off to another country handling some business.

I finished off my day with a walk down to Macy's 34th. Most of us know the stats of this icon. The largest Dept store. It's 10 floors and takes up the entire block of 34th St between 7 & 8 Aves. It's a massive store and for all the yrs that I've been in the NY area living ,working or visiting, I don't think that I've ever been throughout the entire store and my trip there last week was no different.

So there you go that was just one of my cultural days in NYC. The next day was day 2 of Fleet Week and a whole set of new discoveries in the small 23 square mile of what is known as New York City. Tomorrow I have a another tour planned, but this one I'll reserve for another blogg, hopefully it should be insightful.


Jdid said...

never knew macy's was that big. sounds like you have lots of fun. enjoy!

Scratchie said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself... (I am officially jealous)

SincereCaramel said...

Geez how cool, you know I have only been to NYC once, last sept and didn't really like it. you make me want to give it another go.

Abeni said...

Macey's,Macey's.That's my store

Have fun

Luke Cage said...

I love it when a fellow Noo Yawka takes me down the sights and sounds of the city. Although a transplanted NYer and all, my family is still back there so I get me a little NYC touchup every now and then when I go visit them. There's nothing like it. Great job with the visuals miss.

Delaleuverses said...

You really enjoyed yourself, that's nice and it feels like we also went along with you on this cultural day in NYC. I just love NY, totally different than where I came from (CA). Thanks for sharing.