22 September 2006


House hunting in these hey parts as town is a bytch...man can you believe. Either you pay smaller mortgage and move out into the country wid a damned 1 1/2 commute to your job, or you pay a big azz mortgage for a small 2X4 in the city....damned, seems like Arepaland din too bad afterall. Well we settling fro the 2X4 in the city, cause wid gas prices as they are these days, the commute, wid gas and stress gonna kill we faster and than a gluck. The sad thing is people paying for the 2X4's and as fast as the developers build dem, dey getting sold. I was downtown my city today and all ova de place high rise buildings gine up, 2 bdrm condos starting for as they quote "little" as $500,000..wha kind shyte is that????

As my fine bloggers can see, I'm still being incognito about where exactly I am, because I know that there are people who make ittheir business to maliciously read a sisters blog and do vicious things, so the least I put or reveal, the least they will get their hands on..so bear with a sister.

So Mr Camp and I are slowly settling into the new gigs. Trying to learn the place and get aquainted with little/big little city American life. Life here is diffedrent than in Arepaland, but we are adjusting. Mr. Camp got lots more responsibilities and soon from now, I'll be back into to the traditional workforce. so things are moving along. I'll be back full forced as soon as I get rid of the many boxes and paper that line our halls and rooms.. but I just wanted to check in with you folks.


Scratchie said...

It's all good Camp. All in time. Good to know you are OK though.

Abeni said...

enjoy..I must say it's intriguing trying to figureo ut where in the world you are

Shotta M said...

Moving and boxes - good feeling when you're all done. Quite a nightmare during.

BajanQueen said...

Yes I second Abeni.....

Where in the world is Waldo!! *smile*

I can relate with you about the moving thing and all....girl it's a killer.

I hope things go good with you and Mr. Camp at your new place.


Yamfoot said...

have fun unpacking.

Dr. D. said...

Maybe an idea for a blog is for you to put it to us to guess where in the States you are.....I am putting my bet with New York???

Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you like the place and settle in well.

And BTW, them house prices sound heavy!

Stunner said...

Good to hear fro you again and to know all is well and yuh settling it.

Things are the same here in Kingston where getting a roof over your head is concerned. Only thing is I can't afford any, neitherin the city or the counrty.

I feel your pain with the unpacking, I hate packing and unpacking!

Jdid said...

ya like ya describing toronto cause the condos going up here on every lil two x three land dem cud find

brooklyn babe said...

"Driving Dirty..."
this is a blog-by to say Cheese-pun-bread!

bK bABe