14 January 2007

All the buzz

was well worth the hype, I talking bout the much anticipated. Do I need to add a name here?

yes, the movie was well worth it. Now I didn't get to see it 2wks ago when it opened on Christmas Day...lordee yuh believe dat C'mas was two weeks ago, time nuh fly fast doh... anyhow, like I was saying, I didn't see it on opening week, but I did manage to see the movie twice in one week. Now that is a record setting first fuh me. Usually I go see movie once and that's enuff fuh me until I see it on cable. But This was worth seeing it twice. buth here is de thing fuh yuh doh.

First time seeing de movie was wid a sister friend. so we dey in de movie sitting and just ah chatting up a storm..why??? cause having lived thru de Mowton era of boy and girl groups we cud relate so much to the characters. First let me say that Jennifer Hudson deserved every award she has been nominated for. The girl can blow plain and simple. So my sisterfriend and I were there in the movies and thought that we were watching

the lifestory of Mowtown. The movie was well Mowtown represented The correlations between the various singers, groups and acts was so Motown. The singing was surperb in every Mowtown sense. So throughtout the movie, we were relating to the storyline, the characters, singing along with the songs and just enjoying a movie well done artistically as well and creatively.

My second chance of seeing the movie came with a latin American friend...totally different perspective. Although I enjoyed the movie just as much, I spent some time explaining characters, roles, correlations ect. The whole Diana Ross and the Supremes was prevelant throughout. You know it is said that the Original Dreamgirls the stage play was actually based off Diana and the Supremes. But it was just a different feel, she didn't know the Mowtown history or the Dreamgirls one for that matter, but I still enjoyed watching it again and doing some explainations along the way.

Well all of the hype is surrounded by the girls, Jennifer and Byonce...but let me say the men played their parts too... Eddie Murphy showed that he can still act and sing, A good comeback for him may I add.. remember his hit song Party All the Time from back in the 80's?? Then there is Jamie Foxx doing what he's been doing so well. the supporting cast did their thing too and must get the credit due them. Personally, I think that Jennifer should have been nominated for best actress over Byonce, but hey..we know how it goes in Hollywood. Byonce Listen is the best Ive ever hear her sing and y'all know I ein no Byonce fan atall.

So overall, I look to see tomorrow that either Byonce or Jennifer walks away with the golden Globe, I wish one of the fellas were nominated also, but yuh know yuh can't have too many blacks being nominated fuh dem lil statues so, we gonna settle fuh wha we get.


princessdominique said...

I agree it definitely is worth seeing twice! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Stunner said...

Nice summary of the movie Campfyah. It must be good, you actually went twice! Don't know if I will go watch it yet though.

scratchie said...

I went to see it but was a bit disappointed. Not my type of show I guess. Maybe I'll watch it again and see if maybe it was just tiredness talking so I wasn't focusing.

Campfyah said...

Well they walked homw with 3 awards last night including best pic in its category

Leon said...

Dreamgirls sounds like an interesting movie. Not the kind I'd go out and watch, but I'd watch it on TV.

Abeni said...

I was surprised to read Beyonce was nominated.Yet to see it but I will watch it when it gets here.

sherls said...

Late I know...but i made an entry on my blog about the movie DreamGirls as well. I was very impressed with Jenifer's performance...especially "And I am telling you, I'm not going". As we now know she won the golden globe for her performance, which in my humble opinion was more than well deserved. I thing she has a great future in the business ahead of her.