05 January 2007

New Year New Beginnings

The first post for the new year. A new year in many aspects as I also celerated a Birthday a few days ago. Yes, I'm getting older, should be wiser, stronger and healtheir, but I'm not so sure about those. The older part is there however. It seems that the biological clock just kicks in the day after a B-day and all the aches and pains associated with that age come instantly. No slowly adjusting, no one step at a time, no easing into the age. Just bam..yuh turn XYZ age or in my case ova 40 age and ova 40 issues come at 12:01am. Lordee...life nuh easy atall.

Anyhow, I'm glad that I was able to see another year 2007 and another birthday ova 40. Not much people mekking it to that milestone nowadays, especially when I hear in de news that the first homicide for the year was a 17yr fella that get shot in he own mother garage. so seeing ova 40 is a blessing from Above. Thank you Lord. May I live to see many more.

No New years Resolutions. I usually don't make any. It's a waste of time for me, so why bother. But since I celebrate a B-day so close to the New Year, I usually make new birthyear goals. Access what I did in my last year and what I can do in this year to better my life as I ein't gettin any younger. I certainly don't want life to pass me by and say I wish, I coulda ,what if. No I not going to be sharing those goals wid blogsphere. Dem some personal ones.

Of course, they gonna be the original and ongoing goals...

Health & Fitness - Yup I did 4 for 4 this week at the gym. might even make it 5 if I make it there tomorrow. I done give up on the weight lost thing, if it go it go, if not as long as I doan gain, I not fussin and complaining.

Spiritual Growth - Been doing steady on that. Need to be more focused on the Good Book and read more but yea, i talk the Almighty daily and been on track with that conversation.

Professional Growth - need to do some major adjustments in the professional arena and that I'm currently working on. I'm contemplating a career change, something totally out of my box, but it's a let's see if it can happen kind of deal..More to come on that.

These are just the major issues facing me for the new year 2007. Not major but enought to keep me focused and occupied throughout the year
So as my calender say, Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so I intend to
Live life passionately, Laugh until muh belly hurts and Love unconditionally.


Stunner said...

Getting older is a bitch when you pass 25, I have quiet a few more years left before 40+, but the time just seem shorter everyday. But we do have to give thanks for every day we wake up, as life is so uncertain these days.

No new years resolution for me, I have goals, not much this year, but I do have some I want to realize this year. All the best with your goals.

solitaire said...

YES IYAH! I feel you on your goals - I want to improve on all three as well. So proud a yuh!

Thanks for the email encouragement...I needed that. You have a good soul!


scratchie said...

Happy belated Birthday Camp. Hope it was good.

Abeni said...

Happy Belated bday. Good goals too

Jdid said...

happy belated? are you the 4th too cause my friends had their baby on that day last week

Campfyah said...

Thanks fora the wishes..No Jdid, I'm not the 4th, I earlier than that.

Dr. D. said...

Happy Belated over 40 Camp! :-)