26 January 2007

Trying to keep up with life and blogging at the same time ein easy, but I will continue to try. Not much of significance that I can share with the blogworld happening in Camps life, but a lot a go on... The sister veanturing out into some new things, and things looking quite positive so far...butI not gonna say much just in case.

Anyhow to keep my face alive, I saw this article in the paper this morning and although it showing muh age, it sure takes you back to the days of yore.... I know some of my CARICOM bloggers can relate to the days of growing up less than priviledge on the islands. Children nowadays doan know dem kinda things.

On a followup note. Jdid mentioned in my last comments about Bajan fat porks...a seaside delicacy in Barbados . They are white and fleshy on the inside and have a rich purple or deep red skin As far as we know they only grow on the beach and in Barbados in particular they only grow in two specific areas.

Well peoples, do have a wonderful weekend and remember the times of the pass whent he pressures of life began to call on you. shoting gutterperks, rolling rollers, pitching marbles, flying home made kites, eating fat porks, kowns,julie plums, ackees, goosberries, june plum, thiefing mangoes gauvas, breking cane..just sit back and relax those days are gone and yet to come again....a stroll down memory lane.


Abeni said...

Yeah fat pork is found on the beach and I used to enjoy eating them whenever we were on the beach. And I can identify with some so I not too badly off:)

princessdominique said...

My mom tells me about those days all the time. I'm going to ask her about dunks though. I never heard her talk about those.

Stunner said...

I have no idea what fat pork is, I doubt we have them here in Jamaica.

Stunner said...

I have no idea what fat pork is, I doubt we have them here in Jamaica.

Dr. D. said...

I jus as clueless as Stunner ast to what fat porks are. But, I just want to know why suuch an strange name for what seems to be a fruit? Any idea how they got that name Camp?

True it is some of the stuff we used to enjoy as yutes seem to have vanished....life seemed so much more simple yet, less pressured and enjoyable then. Or could that be just the perspective of being young and carefree?

Hope things work out well in your new venture.

Jdid said...

look like fatporks are called cocoplum they redish maroonish slightly tough but edible skin and the inside is white with a big seed