17 May 2007

Keep Your Eyes up

that was my motivational quote this morning as I was taking in my walk over the Biscayne Bridge. In an effort to change up my routine, I like to drive over to Biscayne island and then walk over the bridge to the mainland, as opposed to my morning 3ml walk around the marina. It's a good 2.5 walk round trip, nice breeze blowing and mostof all the scenery, calm waters and the view of downtown Miami not to mention the treat of being able to go swiming after my walk.
so this morning weights in hand, Ipod pumping I set out on my walk. On the trail, you pass bikers, runners, walkers of all ages, and when you look below you see the fellas fishing. Just a nice relaxing or enegerzing workout however you want to view it.
So I'm doing my thing and minding my own business on my return trip when I realize that the knees acting up and beginning to hurt. So I thinking Lordee Camp yuh getting old. Nuh sense in trying to run this last lil bit, just mek it thru de walk. I see dis old fella run by me. I notice dude cause my man running in some swim bikinis and he top obviously he got de same idea in mind as me, finish yuh run/walk and go jump in de water..I doan pay he much mind, I hey concentrating on de hurting knees and trying tuh get back ova de bridge.
well 5mins later old dude runs by again, but this time he slows down and says hello. I respectufully responded wid how yuh doing. Is when dude tell me, Keep your eyes up, that way you will straighten yuh back and ease de pressure of the weights pulling you down. You see old dude had check me out when he passed by and then as he was coming back behind me he saw that I was leaning in my walk, so he wanted me to straighten up my form and lift my eyes up, hence improve my posture as I walk. I was quite appreciative of his lil advice and he ran off and I straightned up. He was doing laps on the bridge, so again as he passe by he winked gave me a thumbs up and said Keep your eyes up.
That bit of motivation was good enough to take my mind off my aching knees and finished my walk. Not to mention the swim in Biscayne Bay was also a nice refreshing end to my morning workout.


Abeni said...

Good advice for life in general

Stunner said...

Nice little story, I guess as Kami said, his advice is not only good for your posture but for life in genral. Glad to hear you keeping yourself fit, we all need to do it, keeps us healthy.

princessdominique said...

Sounds like fun. It's always great when a stranger has something decent to say.