01 November 2004

Anything for Money

It's All Good
I'm feeling sick, so I go to the Dr. he made a diagnosis and give me some pills and send me home...fair enough. I gotta go back in a few days, a few days come and I go back, de Dr, check muh out again and sey, mygoodness, yuh like you gonna need some surgery, OK no problem. He recommends me to another Dr. I go to her and make an appointment. On the rare occasion, here in Latin America, I'm told to wait ah few mins and she cud see me today. I think, boy oh boy, am I in luck or what.

This is when things get funny. I go, in tek off my clothes, she examine me and decide that I need the operation...but I gotta have it TODAY...what???? I say, Today, it is life threatening or what. Plus, I got sumwhey to go, I got travel plans, dis gonna have to wait till I come back. She say, no, no, no....The operation must happen today. She ask if I got insurance, I say no, but working for a company, who gonna reinburse fuh medical expenses. She mek a few calls to she partner who happpens tuh be she husband. I mek a few calls tuh mine. We come together and mek some decisions. I ask how much dis operation gine cost. She give me ah bill for bout $2,500. I wanna know if she think I got that kinda money sitting around the house.

Anyhow in consultation wid muh partner, we convince she, dat we gotta consult wid we employeers first, and dat we gotta tek this all important business trip, we gine see she Monday morning....She say fair enough. But ghi me this long list of medication that I should take, and don't do dis or do that and be extra careful ect.. Ova the weekend, while on our trip. My partner and I decide that we not giving her that kinda money fuh a so called 1hr, non-lifethreatening operation. That some pills and medication can do the trick. Monday morning come, we call her and tell her, that the employeer have not yet approved the bill for the operation. We left she dey. I take the medication and now ah week later...all is well and good.

Now when I talk tuh some peoples on the mainland, they told me that such a diagnosis don't require surgery, just some good old fashioned over the counter medication and most Dr.s on the mainland will tell you not to operate for that diagnosis. So why dis woman would think dat I got foolish mark cross muh forehead tuh pay she and she husband dat kind of money, just because we is foreigners and does work for a certain company. She see money tuh pay fuh she child tuition at de English speaking International school but not we foolish West Indian money.

Elections in de U.S is tomorrow and I got my say on dat
tune in tomorrow.

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Jdid said...

its a good thing you didnt let that woman cut ya up or god knows what wudda happen ta ya