19 November 2004

It ein always "All Good"

Life in Latin AmericaI hey working on designing these programs for a charity dinner tonight. I'm printing the programs on my computer wid card stock. I run into some problems with one ah de pictures eating up most ah de ink, so I decide that I gonna see if I cud get some colored copies, and mek life easier fuh me, plus I using ah Ink Jet printer and not a laser wun. I stayed up till 3:00 this morning doing some printing, I figure first thing I gine do when de stores open is tuh see if ah cud get de copies.

So I left home and gone tuh de first copy center in de mall...store hrs sey from 9:00-7:30....I waiting since quarter tuh 9, when 9:00 come, I see no one mekkin attempts to open de store, duh lazy woman finally show up bout 9:15 den we still had tuh wait another 5mins, before she even suggest dat she ready tuh do business. Gone in and she tell me dat she can't mek nuh color copies from card stock or de other kind ah textured paper ah had. OK... gone tuh another mall..get dey at 9:30 and had tuh wait outside the mall till 10:00 till dem open..gone tuh Compu Mall (de office Max Latin America) dem also tell me dat dem daon mek copies, but tuh try duh other store dat got a copy center.
OK, gone up dey, dem too gine tell me dat dem can't copy from card stock. I vex now cause bare time wasting and I gotta have 200 copies both sides by at least 7:00 tonight.

You ever hear such foolishness from commercial copy centers. I eventually had tuh buy 2 printer cartridges and come home and copy muhself....muh poor lil printer wukkin tuh death, but ah hope it last out. You eva gone into to Kinkos and dem tell you dat dem
can't print or copy from simple card stock aper...chuupppsee..

Tuh mek matters worse, I asked if ah put de thing on a disk, if dem cud just print it fuh me, dem gine tell me dat dem doan use Publisher...onlee PhotoShop and some other mess..chuuuppssseeee man onlee in dis countree..yuh cud run into suh ignorance.

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Jdid said...

them fellas aint ready fa prime time. must be really infuriating.