30 November 2004

It's All Good

Bimshire Hapy Independence Barbados

So I still struggling with the issue of writing more frequently, but one day I'll get there. I enjoy reading a lot of the other blogs, and at times ah get so caught up that I fuget to keep up with my own. Right now I hey really listening tuh some cool Bajan tunes...boye in all de years ah did alive and dem is nuff years, I've never heard many of these classic songs. VOB really need to get on the ball and play them more...lift up the national writers, composers, singers ect.
But anyhow. I'm grateful that at least they remember them at least once a year.

Anhyows, I heard a fella say today that he clearly fuget that today is Independence.....I was totally shocked, because this is a person that always proclaims his true Bajan heritage...But how could he forget the Day of Independence? Have you ever heard of an Americncan forgetting Jul 4th....Naaahhh that's unheard of...forgetting your national day. Oh well. I forgive the fella and hope that he don't forget again in the future.

Now lots of expats will ask stupid questions like, what have the 38yrs mean, Well I ein know bout them, but there were 38 prosperous years for me. It gave me free, good quality education. free medical services (regardless of what yuh think of QEH today) The freedom to worship in any religion of my choosing. Free political expression even if ah get bribe with cornbeef and eclipse. In the 38yrs of freedom and even before, I havn't seen civil war in Barbados and at least we can say that the exchange of power 38yrs ago, was done with not a drop of blood shed, or ah shot heard. Those were the foundations of my upbringing in a free Independent Barbados.

That indepedence told me that I can be whatever I wanted to be and it didn't have any restrictions on whether I was a boy or girl, rich or poor, from de North, or South, Black, white, yellow or purple. Whether I lived in a 3 BDRM wall house or lil chattle house wid outside toilet and bading under de stand pipe. Dem 38 yrs of Independence meant ah lot and today I'm proud tuh be 100% Bajan.

So I finished being filosophical today, and I gone till hopefully I got some more interesting thoughts tuh write.

Beautiful, Beatuiful Barbados
It's All Good

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Jdid said...

well said sista

I had the same experience with two friends of mine who were like oh today is independence i faget dat. come on now!

Anyway great blog. yes we have alot to be thankful for in Barbados and being bajans. God bless bim.

...and try an blog more often man :-)