10 December 2004


¿Que pasa? Well it's christmas time again. Boy how fast a year flies, naah mek dah 385 days, 52 weeks....but it doan really feel like Christmas atall. So I went to the Centro Commercials (Malls) and see all the lights, decorations ect. I thinking, howcomes I ein get the feeling yet. Oh maybe because it's about 80 degrees outside and I still wearing shorts, sandals and tank tops. OK, but I've been living in Latin America fuh more dan 3yrs now so wha is de problem. Dis is de it.

Year one I just got here, things cool, different and yuh getting adjusted. people invite yuh ova fuh dinner and yuh just fishing out de sceen tuh see how things is. Nuh prob. Next year gine be better

Next Year peoples decide dat dem got gripe wid de present government and dem call general strike in de beginning ah Dec. Hey, did is interesting...people marching and prostesting all ova de street, oh dis gine onlee last fuh bout a day or two...wrrrong...wait...strike continuing, merchants call fuh shops tuh shut down. What..are they serious??? It's the middle of the christmas holiday, surely they can't be serious...and serious they were. Commercial businesses close, shut up tight, tight, bars cross de door and thing. supermarkets open fuh 3hrs only and um is bare bacchanal....Stop the madness, they will be open for Christmas, I know dis for sure. Well glad I din bet nuh money on dis. Christmas eve come and not a mall, store or nuttin open. De Grinch come and christmast get cancelled. OK by next year it gots tuh be better.

Last Year Cheeze, deese people ein easy atall... right before christmast season bacchanall brek out again and Christmas like it gine get cancel ... more strikes and protest, but dis time stores open, but dey ein much ah nuttin in de shops. Consumers decide dat dem ein spending nuh money and on top ah dat, duh decide dat dem ein celebrating Christmas till Feburary. February? wunna mad, Feburary is carnival time in TnT and I plan tuh be dey, not hey celebrating Christmas. But why Feb? well dah is when dem gine vote on whether duh wanna keep de current president or not, and since dem so convinced dat he gine thru de eddoes, dah is when dem gine celebrate Christmas and he demise all in one. So here we go christmas get cacel again...2yrs in a row.

This Year Well de president and he government still hey, de people (opposition) lost all duh chances, so now they gotta wait, so wid defeat on duh minds and nuh recourse tuh tek, we might as well celebrate Christmas, dis Christmas plus de two dey lost out on..so De holiday spirit in full swing ---wheeeewww al fin!!!! Stores fully stocked. Activities in full swing, so much happening dat yuh ein know whey tuh start. Centro commericales decorate pretty fuh days, christmas specials all bout de place tempting yuh fuh yuh plata yuh even hearing christmas music and seeing movies pun TV...even doh dey ein show Miracle o 34th St yet, but we still got bout 2 more weeks tuh go....So why I ein feeling de spirit.

Because I ein gonna be here fuh Christmas. So I ein buy nuh tree, put up nuh decorations or nuttin so. We travelling tuh de U.S, so maybe until next week when I get there, I'll have time to get in the spirit. In the meantime, I buy a lil ponsietta, pull out some Barron Christmas music and getting in de groove. So tuh all the bloggers out dey who do like me and just read and move on...

Felize Navidad

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Jdid said...

well try and enjoy ya christmas