11 December 2004


So what are you addicted to? Oh wait doan ansa that right now, get
back to me later. I've got some addictions dat I wanna share. You
see, already you thinking that I got issues wid drugs or alcholol or some
other illicit substance, but it ein exactly like that. My addictions are
simple, small incognito addictions....OK ley me get to the issue.

Since living here in Latin America, there are some things that I've become
accustomed to that I'm almost addicted. For instance. Body massages...Yup
you heard me right. Where else can you get a full body 1hr mesage for less
than $10, see why I'm addicted now. It is like the absolutely coolest thing
to just lie there for ah whole hr and let someone smoothly massage you while
you drift off into wonderland and do this for like twice a week every week. Got
the drift now. What am I going to do when I return to the mainland and some body
tell me dat muh 1hr massage gonna cost $50. I'll just scream. Call me petty, but
hey, it's the norm around here so you see how easily you can get addicted.

My next and newest addiction....facials...yup being vain again you would say, but no sirrie
it the norm and worth every bit of it. And guest what it's a 2-hr facial, that's right 2 hrs
a womens dream..ah 1-hr massage and 2-hr facial---who has the time for all these frivilious
things...I do and enjoying every bit of it. It's an experience you would enjoy too. So now I'm addicted, the facials are only once a month, but golly wow, I make sure I make my appointments, clear my calendar and do some personal gratification of pampering myself. Hey
you only live once, so Live and let Live

Now a friend is introducing me to Brazillian waxing next week, so I'll let you know how that
goes and if it's worth the addiction or not. Hey we all got our habits, some people get addicted
to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, I get addicted to the finer things in life but It's all good.... Can you blame a sister. So what are your addictions?? Oh I'll tell you about the shoes and handbags, yup another addiction late.


Jdid said...

Addictions? CD shopping, lol

Abeni said...

Shoes,Shoes,Shoes and bags are some of mine.Brazilian wax..Ouch!

WIGIT said...

Thailand....2 hours for about $8 canadian. But unfortunately I don't live there. Enjoy yourself girl and take advantage of all life has to offer....even the frivolous things. And as for the Brazilian...I'll have to also say ouch!! Good luck wid dat.

Campfyah said...

Thanks...so people actually do read.

Actually I hadmy very first massage in Thailand when I was there for about 6ks a few yrs back...Don't remembered how much I paid.