12 December 2004


En Serio Just to share a little frivilous joke with you bloggers out there....picture this. Friday night, about 11:30 driving along the highway...Traffic pack out, now tell me why there is so much traffic on the road in the middle of the city at this time of the night...You know why, because this is Caracas, and there is always a traffic jam wherever you go and whatever time of the day, and this is no joke. This city is a standard parking lot. Never leave in a rush to get anywhere, because trust me there will be a traffic jam. The people here think it's beyond them to take public transportation so they use cars for everything. It's a social status thing (that's a whole other blog altogether) Can you imagine a woman that lives in my building drives her car to work in a building that is less than 10 mins walk from our building... incredible....and to make matters worse, the women here are the worst drivers in the world.

Anyhow back to Friday night...so we are going home on a trip that is suppose to take about 15 mins but is actually taking 1/2 hr or longer and there is traffic everywhere, but we crawl along, finally we realize that there is something constricting traffic, must be an accident or something, or maybe a car broken down, so like everyone else we switch over to the other lane and lo and behold what greets us as we approached the car holding up traffic....so you ready for this, yuh sure yuh ready now...yuh sitting down ok here goes....Ah man sitting in he car pacefully sleeping. Yup, sleeping in the car in the middle of the traffic...Only in Caracas...traffic is jammed up because, my man decide dat he tired and wanna sleep, so he put de car in park in the middle ah de lane and lay back and gone tuh sleep. Well I've never seen such in all muh born dayz..
so we pass by de man and a few cars later, he wake up and drive off..we still hold up in traffic, so we roll down de window and ask de fella, hey yuh had a good sleep...de man look at we laff and sey yea, and we drive off and de traffic clear enuff...You cud imagine such doh...wha all we cud do was buss out laffin...But hey it's all good...wha yuh gine do......But Live and let Live


Angry Dog said...

Wait a next Caribbean blogger in an exotic locale, wikid! Is Venezuela you deh? Anyhow, I am the AngryDog and I just get the link from JDid's blog, so I decided to take a walk over to your likkle yawd to see what shakin, pretty nice site, interesting commentary, methinks me will come visit again. BTW, since it appears that you chat di Spanish, you can jus call me "Perro Enfadado", zeen ;). Anyhow, don't be a stranger to my kennel, mi bark nuff, but mi nuh really bite still, so have no fear :).



Jdid said...

so here's a dumb question. where were the police when all this was happening?

Scratchie said...

Hi, I dropped in by way of JDid. Won't have a chance to readd much of your posting until after the weekend. I'm Jamaican born and bred with a bit of Bahamian culturizing along the way.
Feel free to stop by my space at:


I welcome all visitors and like Doggy I don't bite. I usually post my views and if they contradict yours then we agree to disagree and still shake hands and smile together at the end of the day.

Campfyah said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it all....I'll definitely stop buy yuh digs...

Jdid...stupid krestun indeed, they are never around when you need them and again, police doan do too much traffic control bout hey..any and everything goes...

Also,dem is de biggest crooks bout hey...so um is betta off if yuh doan see dem