15 December 2004

¿Que un dia?

I should have stayed in bed this morning. But no, I had to wake up and what a day it was. First I had the torture of a Brazillian Wax...ouch is the word. Ok, so it wasn't as bad as I had expected, but nonetheless it surely was an experience. I certainly won't go into the details, but you can get the picture...just imagine nice hot wax, (it wasn't that hot, but just warm enough to feel nice and good) massaging those ahhmmm parts of the body, the legs, under arms, ect. then just as you are feeling good enjoying the sensation of the wax, suddenly you feel a yank and depending on how much hair is there, is how intense the pain is and belive me I had much hair in some parts...yuh see I know wunna mind in de gutter already. Anyhow, in about 1/2 all the waxing and yanking was over, followed by some smoothing powder and some lotion and out de door yuh go. Now is this something that I'll add to my list of addictions???? I don't know as yet, I'll wait and see how long before the hair grows back. But it surely was an experience.

Now if the waxing wasn't enough. I also had a dental appt today. Talk about torture to the body and mental stability. It wasn't like I was have major dental work done. just a cleaning and believe you me, I felt like he was doing some major surgery on my mouth. Now, I is sumbodie dat doan like de dentist and I does let he know up front...cool. But fuh a person dat doan like the dentist, I always in he chair...Yuh know why? because I belive strongly in this case that prevention is better dan cure, so I doan mek nuh sport wid muh appointments. But all along ah does be thinking of excuses as tuh why I shouldn't keep de appt. Today din nuh different, but I prevailed and went. It's the prevention thing.

Two minutes into the chair and all kinds ah drilling and sawing and poking and digging gine on in muh mouth and I onlee mekkin all kinds ah faces and grunts and thing, but yuh know de truth, nuttin din hurting. I just had de feeling dat sumthing was going tuh hurt, so I did prepared by wringing up muh face and grunting...all de while de dentist asking...Evathing all right?? and I mumbling yea.....and he onlee smiling cause he either know dat I lying or muh wring up face is too much. Dah torture or what seems like it lasted fuh a good 20 mins or so and den he finish and start tuh polish and floss and shine and thing...finish off wid some flouride and ah all set fuh de next 6 mts. He sey, good...see yuh in 6mts and fool Tom me, instead I sey, yea, cool...I tell he maybe sooner cause I think it's time ah get some bleeching.... Ah tell yuh, I ein got nuh sense atall...gine through all these torture things, fuh wha...chuuppsse, but yuh know what? It's all Good, and part ah yuh personal hygine habits...so maybe waxing next month and de dentist early next year....


Abeni said...

The dentist I avoid as much as I can.Hmmm,better you than me wid that wax thing!

Urban Sista said...

Lawd 'a' mercy, girl, a bikini wax?

That's torture in a bowl of hot wax. Why anyone would let someone slather their nether regions with wax is a braver woman than me. Heck, I can barely get my eyebrows waxed.

Give me a razor and some depilatory cream any day of the week.

Abeni said...

Amen,girl.I can't even endure plucking my eyebrows,it is a razor for me or nothing!

Jdid said...

me mind in guter? heaven forbid lol

anyways ya dun kno bout me an my dentist stories. yours cant be as bad as mine. will have post that one of these days. lol

Jazz said...

Sooo,...today was beauty day? Ouch! The pain we endure to look fabulous.

You could use a cocktail....hell, after your day, drink the bottle.