17 December 2004

Hasta Luego!!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside the door.
I'm leaving on a jet plane
don't know when
I'll be back again............
Well I can't take the credit for those words, but I sure can relate. Because my bags are packed and they are standing besides the door, and tomorrow I'll be leaving on a jet plane from CCS to DCA. I am excited , mucho alegre...can't wait..but it will be coooold and that I'm not ready for tall. Yup, that's right. I start my christmas vacation tomorrow...three weeks free of Caracas and the madness associated with this city. But look where I'm going, DCA, BWI, NYC, BOS...and all of those places are bone chilling cold. Today it was in the low 80's here, what was I thinking when I booked that flight.
Shouldn't I have booked for Barbados, or St. Croix, Aruba, Trinidad, Thaiti, Hawaii??...yes and I should have, but being the true and true NYer that I am, who can resist Christmas in the nations Capital or Big Apple. Just picture it... Macy's 34th St, Wal-mart, Target or as we call it TargeƩ, Sack's 5th Ave, Ann Taylor, Nine West, Parade of Shoes, we can't forget Payless (yes, I do shop there), Burlington Coat and of course the malls ohhhh, malls with real stores, anchor stores, malls like Potamac Mills, Arundle Mills, Columbia Town Center (all of these in the DC/MD area), then you take I95N up to NY pass thru DE and more outlet centers, on the way to NJ, tax-free shopping and finally NYC, the city that never sleeps where you can get the knock off of anything original, Guess, Parda, D&C, Louis Vittion, Burberry ect... for less than 1/2 the original price and sometimes they look better than the originals themselves. Talk about a shoppers paradise...of course I am woman!
I havn't even touch the cultural aspect as yet, we have the MCI Center in DC..don't know if I'll take in any games while there, but there is Union Station ahhhh B Smiths resturant ummmm, uhmmmm good, The Smithsonia Musuem...all 7 (I think) of them, The monument, Lincoln Statute, Dupoint Circle, Georgetown all my old stomping grounds. Moving on up to NY the possibilities are endless. MSG, more musuems, Grand Central Terminal, FAO Schwarts toy store, Central park and oh the holiday grand master of them all Rockerfeller Center and 42nd St Times Square...wow...I'm excited and just ready to go. I have tickets to see The Lion King. I'm hoping to get some same day tickets to see The Christmas Spectacular. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Then to wind down the festivities...there is Times Square on New Years Eve, which I'll sit and watch comfortably from my warm living room. Do you really thing that we NYers actually brave the elements and stand out there freezing our touches off for 5-6 hrs to see a ball drop for 59 seconds..... No we don't... those fools standing out there are visitors. NYers don't do that.
So, yes, all my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. I 'll be standing outside my door in another 6hrs getting ready to get on that jet plane and start my Christmas holidays. Yup, I'm finally getting to celebrate christmas this year, and you know what??? It's all Good. So folks until I get over my excitment and sign on...do have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I'll fill you in on my travels on the mainland.


Abeni said...

Leaving the Cbean for cold? Have fun though

Jdid said...

enjoy ya trip