27 December 2004

It's All Good: Hace frio!!

It's All Good: Hace Frio!!!!!!!

Buuurrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Ohmigoodnesss it is so cold up here. Can you beleive that I've left sunny 80 degree weather to freeze my touche off. I was in NYC tonight and it was unbelievably cold and it's suppose to get colder. But hey I'm surviving. Living the life so many people dreamed off... Spending Christmas in NYC. It's all good I spent a wonderful time with my family and the pickeney. Of course you know all family gatherings aren't like the Swiss Family Robinson or the Brady Bunch. We had our issues but all in all it was indeed All good.

Last Night, we hang out in Manhattan, trying to be tourist and beating the crowds to see the tree at Rockerfeller Center. Man I din know dat so many people would be down dey, it did jammed packed yuh know, and seeing de people trying tuh skate on de famous ice rink...of course dey din nuh black folks out skating...ah wonder why. Then we went and see the light display at Sacks 5th Ave, (niicceee) den the Cathedral...but since we did cold as Russia..we get smart and walk into tuh one ah de High class stores pretending tuh be shopping just tuh get a lil warm up. Den wha foolish we do..decide tuh walk from Rockerfeller Center (50th St) tuh Times Square (42nd St)..check out de sights down dey and den head home. All tell yuh...we enjoying weselves doh..... so until next time...lata!!!!!


Jdid said...

man wunnah want employment

Abeni said...

Everything sound good..except the cold part!

Angry Dog said...

Well, I certainly had no intentions of dealing with the cold weather for Christmas, hence my opting to go to Jamaica instead! But lawd, just thinking about going back to that cold, cold winter weather is enough to make a brother go, "cho!"