13 January 2005

Soy Regresar

Happy New Years All !!!
Well the vacation is over and I'm back. It was wonderful, some days cold and other days warm for that time of the year, but overall a good Christmas holiday spent with family and friends.
I kinda got a lot that I can comment about, but rather not. I'm going to start the year off on a positive and enlightening note. I din make no new years resolutions, never do but I do make
B-day ones, since my B-day is shortly after the New Year, so after celebrating the day this year, I decide that I'm of the age, where I gonna stop counting. So from now and and in the years to come, however old I turn this year, gonna be my age from now on...ha ha how yuh like dat....
Stay young at heart and then the chronogical age won't matter. So this year, I continuing to live life to the fullest cause things real strange nowadays, one morning yuh up tekking yuh morning dip or stroll tuh ease de bones, next thing yuh know, yuh fighting fuh yuh life. So yuh gotta live ah good clean christian life and pray fuh de best.

Talking bout strange things, wunna been tekkin note of the weather lately. Lots of unusual weather patterns happening, floods, earthquakes in unlikely places, mud slides, ranging fires caused by high winds...things ein looking good atall. Sumbodie trying tuh tell we sumthing and maybe it's time we lissen. Down hey in South America, we suppose tuh be in dry season since December. Usually it doan rain atall, and sometime about Feb, de city does start rationing water and thing..but not this year. We had rain all day today and still some more set up. people sey that it rained all through de holidays...deese days is funny nights yuh bet yuh neva hear dat saying yet, but de old people used tuh always tell we so, when out ah de ordinary things start becomming ordinary.

So this being my first blog fuh de year, ah hope when you happen by me and take a read that you also drop a comment, good, bad or indifferent... It's all good cause yuh gotta be able tuh tek de bad wid de good and I can do both...doan worry, I gonna vist you and drop a comment also.


Scratchie said...

Hi Campfyah, Been dropping by but....no posts. Thought you had given up the blogging. Some pretty interesting stuff on your site. The weather patterns have changed. Even Christmas here was not as cool as usual and we have all but stopped seeing rain in a while. It used to at least give us a one shower every day. The strange is becoming the ordinary fi true.
Glad you had agood holiday.

Jdid said...

girl ya steal my post. lol. was going to comment on the weather when the computerw as up and running and i could do a proper google search

Abeni said...

Welcome back.We having so much rain it is not funny.It almost September like weather

WIGIT said...

well the weather here gonna go down to about 8 degrees tomorrow....sub-tropical climate dey say. Last year was one a the coldest winter and already people are saying this year is colder. Well doh talk bout rain....rained 15days straight...I mean straight las February (yeas, I was counting) and it's been raining all week. Yep, someone's definately trying to tell us something.