14 January 2005

otra vez

It's raining here again...well I might just have to start counting to see when we will finally get dry season. Hey, I like the rain, it's all part of natures plan, but I also like the sun and looking forward to setting up my lil pool on muh patio and feel like I in the sea, but I got patience and I know that the dry season will eventually come.

Now, today, I ein see nobodie touch this topic yet, but I gonna venture dey. Recently in the news there is this big hoopla bout the Royal Prince Harry showing up tuh a fancy dress party dressed like a Nazi. First, when I heard the story, I sey, but wha kinda idiot he is... how he gonna dress so for a fancy dress party, he shouldn't he be wearing a tux wid tails or sumthing so. Then is when I realize dat fuh de Brits, fancy really mean costume party, so he get off fuh dat one.

But now I gotta really believe intrute dat he is indeed ah idiot. Why would he think tuh choose that particular costume??? Is he that insensitive tuh de Jews and humanity in general, he think dat because he is royalty dat he cud just wear it and get off so.... ah mean ghi we a break... so after all de fuss and fury, he claim dat he apologize and din mean tuh offend nbodie. Well de offense done, so de apology come ah day late and ah pound short. But ley me ask a few questions:

Nubodie ein see he when he did leaving home? If nubodie din see he, I'm sure he chauffeur did, cause he ein walk or ketch de bus tuh get tuh de party. Couldn't de chauffeur sey, ahhmmee, sir Prince...you realize wha you got on.... People ein gine tek likely tuh dah, and den if de prince object or threatened tuh fire he, den he cud sey, well he tried and he name clear. Wha Diana musse rolling ova in she grave seeing she two boy children acting de way dem does act.

Next question: Wha de people at de party had tuh say, or dem did cool wid de costume and um is de papparizi dat blowing things outta control...yuh know how duh like tuh target we royals....

You cud imagine de look pun Elizabeth face when she hear how she grandson did dress. Wha bout William, he din at de party? De two ah dem doan live together?

So is this apology genuine or because ah pressure? Really, I think um is just a response tuh de pressure, cause de fact remain, he went tuh de party... wear de costume, drink, smoke, party and had a good time .... any apology dat come after is only icing on de cake.... I ein think he feel nuh way, He couldn't care two frumps (ahhh ah piece ah lickmout lou dey) bout de Jews or de holocaust, cause if he did in de first place he woulda had on sumthing else. Ah mean um ein any old bodie dat wear de outfit...if um did my son or yours, well first we would had tuh educate de yoot bout he choice ah clothes, nonedeless, if um did ah ordinary Joe boy, wha he wear tuh de fancy aprty wouldn't mek nuh news, but um is Prince Harry of all people... third in line tuh de throne, actually second, cause Charles ein want dah job but that is another story.

So de news media mekking a frenzy bout de story and de apology and whether he should still attend de military academy or not, but yuh know wha....It's all good, cause when all is sed and done, he still Prince Harry and nubodie ein gine remember dis sed incident next week.


Scratchie said...

So true Campfyah. Nine day wonder. By next week it's forgotten. I think the new generation don't really understand a lot of what the history books write and I can see with that. The war to them (to me too I guess) is a story that you hear from out the classroom. It doesn't have an impact on the things happening now. Experience is a hell of a teacher.

Abeni said...

He must have just thought it is really good prank.I saw a pic and the others around him seem to be having nuff fun.but true when you consider his status it really in poor taste

Jdid said...

read an article which sort of puts it in perspectve a bit. The British revel in making fun of the Germans, remember John Cleese in Fawlty Towers giving his german guests the german salute an laffin at them and stuff like that. So I really dont think Harry thought he was disrespecting the memory of the holocaust by wearing this outfit.

But that said being in the public eye like he is he needs to watch what he does, says or wears more carefully

Angry Dog said...

Well Campfyah, I had actually posted about that same incident the other day myself. My thing is that it's all well and good to say that Harry did it in good fun, it's quite obvious that he's not a very bright lad still; however, the fact that he did this act so close to the holocaust memorial sort of placed him right into the hands of the Jews, who're always looking for ways to force the world to remember.