31 January 2005


What a good movie...saw it Friday night. Thing is, it's not a well publicized movie. I was lost for something to do and decided to go the cine....Nuttin showing that I want to see, except Ray and that showing at midnight. I ein wanna be coming outta de movies at nuh 2:00 in de morning hey in Caracas and then gotta mek muh way home, considering dat I live widin walking distance ah de movie, so natually I gonna walk. So Ray was out and I settle fuh Celular.

Story in a nutshell. A young arrogant jock trying tuh mek back wid he girlfriend set out tuh do some chores fuh she. he ended up getting a call on he cell fone. on de other end is a woman dat has been kidnapped and beggin he tuh help she. He din believe she at first, until he actually heard the kidnapper in the background, then he realize dis is fuh real...and the high impact action of he trying to help this woman on his cellp phone begans....enuff said.

But that celular isn't what I want to talk about today. Today I'm blogging about people and their cell fones. Now twice last week. I'm in meetings where they are constantly interrupted with ringing cell fones. Fancy fones with all kinds ah ring tones. Then the ultimate was in church yesterday. Now, every sunday we go to church there is a note in the bulleiten that clearly states that as a courtesy to the worshipers, please turn off your cell phones during the service. OK. Then at the beginning of worship, the Data projector flashes a little graphic with a cell pone and an X with the warning please turn your ringers off during service.

Then why is is that you get at least 2 phones ringing during the service and not only ringing but ringing loud and during when yuh praying. Then de people wid the fones, hear de fone ringing and then feel too embrassed to answer cause dem ein want nobode to know that it's dem fone. chuupppsssee. so de fone, rings and rings and evabodie annoyed.

These phones are so fancy don't they have a vibrate or silent feature? Ah mean if you so important that you must get all your calls, can't you just put the phone on silent or vibrate. What's the big deal? must everyone else be inconveinced because of your inability to have some courtesy for your fellow person or worshiper? and to make matters worst, instead of you going outside to take the call, you couch low in your chair or pew and proceede to have a conversation.

Call me bitchy or whatever today, but with the technology today.. There's got to be a better way. I don't think anyone including the Pope is so important that they must be in communication 24hrs a day. But that's just me,.

Enjoy your day and please put your phone on vibrate.


Scratchie said...

I won't call you bitchy at all. I agree with you 150 percent. The phone can be left off for a while or on vibrate if you must. I don't think anybody is that important that we can't do without contacting them for an hour or two. What did we do before cell phones? Dem did jus' haffi wait till dem get wi, nuh true?

Jdid said...

people are ridiculous with the phones. agree with you 100%

Abeni said...

I hate that so much you hear.We act as if we can't do without the phones for a minute.Man even at funerals and so people have they phones on.One day the minister had to ask someone to go out to take their call because they were busy chatting in de service....stupesssss

obifromsouthlondon said...

Worse than ringing is when u on the bus/train and the person next you won't stop chat. ring, ring, oh hi sheila. ring, ring oh hi ... and it goes on. wanna reach out an box somebody. I'm always on vibrate mode.

nice post sweetheart.