25 February 2005

Cosas este semana

Almost ah whole wee go by and I ein post nuttin. Well have no fear, I ein gone no whey, it's just been a busy week that's all. Well like ah told you all Monday that the One and only Tall One (ah really like that Scratchie) is home from school for the week. He returns to the mainland tomorrow, so ah did some parental bonding and hanging out. It actually turne out better than I though it would have, so Scratchie, there is hope for the two of us.

We went to a BMW new products showcase on la noche de martes (Tuesday night) It was the Tall One first introduction into the social world in which we circulate (he now old enuff tuh attend). So he was dressed in his finest dabs and looking quite handsome, I might say. Lordee nuh oversize baggy pants, droping off he behind and 3XXX T-shirts. He handled himself well in the environment and I know now that he will be able to handle himself much better with a little more coaching from us. first outtings are always a bit nervous but he came throught it. BMW had some niice products on display doh, delatest motorbikes, cars, de convertibale minis, nice stuff, but me and de hubby din even bother tuh ask bout prices, dem did a bit outta we league, but it was good tuh see wha dem offering.

Yesterday, we went to Los Roques..ah small archipelago of islands off the Caribbean coast of Caracas. Took a little propella bird dey fuh de 30 min ride. imagine ah airport wid a protable tower, ah me de tower literally mounted on a truck and de runway onlee fulla potholes. Yuh get off de plane and walk straight tuh de beach in less dan ah minute, how yuh like dat. The planes onlee fly during daylight hrs cause dey ein nuh lights or nuttin so. However, It was nice, but nothing too impresive for we island people. but Tall One, enjoyed it, since where he going back to tomorrow awash in snow right now. So hanging out on a nice caribbean beach, swimming in crystal clear waters amongst the tropical fish was a blessing for him and It's all good for me. We took plenty pictures but now ah come tuh de computer and fuh some reason the computer doan wanna read muh digital and de pics won't download, so ah doing some trouble shooting. (Kami, I did download the photobucket, but ein quite figure out how tuh upload pics on it..not that I tried really hard to work on it, so it gonna be a while before ah post pics) Man I slow with this HTML computer stuff and ah tekking it one thing at a time.

So I just wanted tuh update you guys on my absence this week. Will be back in full force next week. Until then enjoy the weekend, and you folks up in the NE take it easy on the shovelling.


Jdid said...

sounds like ya having fun.

Abeni said...

Tall one growing up eh:)When you ready with the uploading shout us up to walk you through

Scratchie said...

Hi Camp this week was ok for us too. enjoy the weekend