21 February 2005


Well from reading the other post I see that most people got the Monday mornig blues. I am no different today. Woke up to more rain and rain and rain. I know that we neva gonna see dry season if this weather continues and my roof neva gonna get fixed. Well the rain also dampened my spirits, so I passed on my morning gym routine and settled down infrona de computer wid my cup a tea, can't even enjoy my Avila (mountain range that spans across the backdrop of othern Caracas) view as the clouds are way down the mountain.

Finished off the weekend rather cool and relaxing. The Tall one (thief dat from Scratchie) home from school fuh de week, so ah plan on doing some bonding wid him. Wish me luck. I finally come tuh de ralization that our off spring are just that, off spring and in them own world. So since my yute becomming a man in a few months, I figure that this might be we last mother son bonding in a while. Reality has set in and I just gotta let go and let him make his success or mistakes by himself. Cause after all, you know we parents are soooo old and we have never been there or experienced what they are currently experiencing. We just born, had children, and then become old and outdated.

Parenting is an experience initself and raising teenagers in this era is even more challenging. I admire Scratchie for blogging (well since I ein figure out linking yet, yuh gonna have tuh find Scratchie yuhself or tek my word for it) about the challenges with his Tall One the other day. I too have many of the same issues as Scratchie, but just never thought to mention them. My Tall and only One is going through his self identity period and the I just want to live for today attitude. He also fugetting dat he nahh pay nuh bills bout de house. So confrontations and challenges do arise. Mostly about his future and educational aspriations or lack thereof.

So the lucha (fight) continues. We can only try to imaprt some good solid parental advice and hope that some part sticks in the rock ontop ah dem body, cause I swear at time dat it no head.
So we'll see how the week progress and hope for the best. This society is just doing the youth injustice and to have tuh fight against what's popular culture and what's morally good or informative is just a tough fight. But Scratchie and all others who have Tall or Short ones, lets continue to fight for the future of our off spring. Better try to fight now, than to be weeping later, even though we might end up doing that anyhow. But it's all good.


Scratchie said...

Hi Campfyah. Just to let you know that your post means quite a great deal to me. By reading it, it calms me to realize that somebody else really understands what I'm going through. And although you are so many miles away and I only know you through the blogs, I feel as if we are going through it together. There is a point where they have to learn for themselves. It plays with your mind though. Letting it go is hard.

Angry Dog said...

You know Campy, as a former "Tall One" myself, I must say that I was quite adept at ignoring much of the familial advice I received, or so I thought. Turns out that I internalized practically everything my family taught me, it just took me a little while to bring it out that's all. Don't worry, once you raise them right, and give them the good guidance, they'll be fine.

Abeni said...

Have to agree with AD.Eventually we come back to what we were taught.I guess it is all part of teenagers trying to make their own identity or just acting out.God knows I had my stage too and maybe I still do.

Jdid said...

I hope your week of bonding goes well

obifromsouthlondon said...

we've been getting the snow/sleet thing going on here in Londonium. makes a misery of monday mornings. all mornings truth be told. don't wanna get out of bed.

keep the bond going.