19 February 2005

Well it's been three days since I've been able to blog or respond to anyone. I was beginning to go into withdrawal symptoms, but I breathed took my medication and now I'm alright. How is everyone doing. Hope you all enjoying the weekend.

Went to a quiz night last night. Oh what fun we had, but goodness, some questions mek we feel real dumb doh. First it was our first time tuh such an event with this group. We were told to bring our own snacks...no problem, so we show up wid a lil bag ah chips and munchies and a few box ah juices actually three small juices, since there were three of us. First thing tuh smack we dead is when we see people wid bottles ah wine and beer and de hard stuff. Den wimmen opened up baskets wid all sorta h'odurves and appetizers and the works...Ok, now we feeling bad, ,we din know dis was de snacks them talking bout, but we sat at a table with some people we knew, and things worked out well fuh us.

Now on tuh he quiz, we were organized by groups of 8, our group called ourselves the Cheeky Islanders what ah name huh....cool we ready tuh start. First round of quiz questions. How many noses does a snail have? what?? who the hell knows, we never stopped one and checked...2nd quest. How many eyes does a bay scallop have? there we go again.. these people can't be fuh real...I does onlee see a bay scallop when it's part of my fishermans platter from Red Lobster..by then I ein interested in he eyes or he nose, I just interested in how he/she taste. next question, what's the gestation period of ah some kinda african elephant....huuummmm, now lets get to thinking......blank faces...questios continuing...whats the speed of a humming bird wings per sec. Wow we think we might know dis one, what's the maximum recorded volts of ah electric eel...shucks....yuh mean we don't know that either...awh man...Ok we mekking some serious guestimations.... but we feel not defeated as yet.

Round one finish, scores tallied up and the Cheeky Islanders if running steady in last place. Round two, music...from the 50's to the 90....listen to the song and tell the color. meaning a color is either in the singers name, the title or the song itself. Round 2 finish, we mek progress. now we 2nd from last. Round 3, Latin America history...alright we got some ground and moved up a few notches. round 4, the different languges on how to say Great Britian...and not simple langues like French, German, Russian ect. Estonian, Bosian, Fennish, solvakian, dem kinda languages, back down de totem pool we go. 5th round, match the faces with the names, further down we go and final round, match the information with the celebrity...info like who was banned from China, who was people magazine Man of the year in 1997 and yuh got names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Bruce Springstein, Andy Garcia.....geeze talk about easy questions. Who was enrolled to be study as a preist. Who was born in Germany. Whalooosss !!!

Well after racking we brains fuh more dan 21/2 hrs, we finally finished in 3rd last place, but we had a lotta fun and learned a lotta new things......So dat was muh excitment fuh de weekend...


Abeni said...

Lol,them question real hard fuh real.But you had fun so it's all good

Jdid said...

so hummuch eyes dem snails have ya remember?

Campfyah said...

The snails have 4 noses, the scallop something like 200 eyes.
the humming bird wings beat at 35 beats per second... the elephant gestation period is 26 months...whalooosss can yuh imagine being pregnant fuh so long.

Scratchie said...

I couldn't answer most of those . Guess you'll have to fit me into the dunce category :-)
You had fun and that is the main thing. Take care. Was just wondering if you had given up the blog.

Anonymous said...

Camp...dah quiz deh....I have a major in Zoology inna mi first degree and trus me...me never know nutten bout scallop with 200 eye and snail with four nose!

Anyway, sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Dr. D.