13 February 2005

De Weekend Done

well, well, well that was fast. Before ah cud blink twice it's Sunday and ah off tuh church and now yuh turn around and it nightime and de weekend done...migoodness....man dem days does guh long too fast doh..... Anyhow ah had a good weekend. Did muh weekend workout Saturday, chill wid de hubby and then went tuh a lil valentines fiesta Sat night.

Now check this, we get a call from an aquaintence invinting we tuh dey house Sat nigh fuh a get together. When we get the invitation, we were told to come and bring a cold snack. So said, so done. We throw on some nice casual evening Sat clothes and gone. Muh mind did telling me tuh wear some jeans, but ah change it and throw on a pair Ann Talylor casual khakis and nice lil Lerner & Company top. De hubby had on some khakis and a casual short sleeve button down top....no prob. We gone tuh de house and guess wha butt up pun we. De first couple in a suit n' tie and de woman in a fancy top and silk pants, ah thinking, nuh sweat de spanish people does dress up so all de time. Gone in de apt...and the host greet we....De husband dress casual, but de wife dress up...ah thinking she de hostess so nuh problem still.

But then we seeing all dese other people showing up in fromal dresses and suits and thing and we feeling real outta place...plus dis ein nuh big issue, but we de onle people of color in de place. Alright den, we decide, well it too late tuh go back home and change, so we staying put. Ok so one other fella come casual and we saying no prob, we got company. Things get going, then we realize that people tell we that the invitations dem get was tuh come dress romantic as it's a valentines party...so how we din get such ah invitation?

De party did nice doh, the hostess had a magician, wid some real neat tricks gotta give it to him and den mi hubby who is known fuh writing ah piece ah poetry or two was asked tuh do a poem. Now here is de thing, de hostess call de hubby at work de day before and ask if he coming tuh de party and can he do a peom. All this time she ein tell he that it's a valentines party and tuh do something along dem lines, so he prepare de type ah poem he is known for, which ein really de romantic ones. So when he get tuh de party and find dat out, he had tuh go and sit in a corna and scramble out something real fast (he also good at doing at).

Now we quetioning if we get invited tuh de party just so that de hubby cud do de poetry, or if we really get invited cause we considered amongs de couple friends. De hubby thinks it's the first, cause we din really think of weselves as friends of the couple tuh be invited tuh such an affair. Anyhow we ein sweat nuttin, we had a good time, he on de spot poem was a hit and evathing come off good. But some thing does mek yuh go huuummmmm. And yuh kno de best part ah de thing is...de hubby write de poem fuh me entitled A Thousand Times Maybe tomorrow I'll share it wid wunna.... It's all good !!!!!


Scratchie said...

Hi Campfyah,
Just saying "Hi". That's us plain folks, used and abused (well not really abused in this case). Don't worry about it. You had a good time and that's what counts.

Melody said...

Poetry in general really nice, Campfyah, especially de on-de-spot one like what de man had to write, but Valentine's poetry can be too sentimental sometimes, even for a sentimental like me. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jdid said...

Interesting that them aint tell ya it was a valentines dooflicky

Abeni said...

I know the feeling when you appear underdressed.Anyways seems like you had fun still.Happy Vday

Angry Dog said...

Happy V-Day Campfyah!

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Glad you had a good time though. I'm very interested in reading Hubby's poetry.