15 February 2005

Idle Words

Me no have much tuh say fuh de day, but just tuh let wunna know ah still alive and kicking... Plus ah like de blogging thing so ah gotta stay up tuh par.

Fellas and Gals thanks fuh de Valentines wishes of yesterday, I thought I was going to wake up in fantasy land wid Denzel Washington next tuh me wid a glass of Mimosa wid chocolate dipped strawberries...but de reality hit muh when Ginger (muh cat) come crawling all ova de bed and crying dat she want she knibbles and bits, ah dah was muh fantasy crushed tuh death. But de hubby do he part tuh support de Valentines commercialism, so ah ein complaining.

So me question fuh de day: If you were told that you were going on a trip for a year and you can only carry a large backpack. Everything you need had to fit into this back pack. What are the things that you'll pack. What things do you think that you MUST have to make your trip complete. What things can you do without.

Fuh me, I packing a swimsuit, 2 prs ah jeans, some T-shirts, Muh camera, ah Must have, muh bible, another MUST have, ah pair ah sneakers. ah pr ah sneakers and slippers, muh toiletrees bag and ah photo ah de hubby and son and ample supplies of paper and pen/pencil tuh document muh journey ah think everything else is hit or miss. What about you?

Another Question: How important are material things in your life. Your car, house, clothes, furnishings ect. The type they are, how much they cost ect. I going sumwhey wid dis...so work wid me. I wanna know, cause recently ah been encountering people dat material things is evathing tuh dem, de mini mansion dat dem gotta have, de latest bling, bling, de most expensive furnishings, top ah de line car and everytime duh open duh mouth tuh talk, it's about wha duh buying nex and how much it cost. Duh can't tell yuh dat, I just buy ah table or chair, duh gotta tell yuh whey de table or chair come from, how much duh pay fuh it and who celebrity got it in duh house. Wha yuh think bout dem kinda people. I does wanna slap de daylights outta duh, but does try tuh restrain when chattin dem up. I gettin tuh de point ah dismissin dem.

I just wondering if deese sed peple think that dem can carry all these material things tuh duh grave wid dem. I mean dey gotta be more tuh life dan how much yuh hubby/wife mekkin and wha he can afford tuh buy or can't afford tuh buy but you want it anyhow and gine get it... yuh know like John Stossel does sey "Gimme ah Break".


Urban Sista said...

Material things don't mean a lot to me, but I do like nice things (nice things on sale are always great!).

I don't have to wear the most expensive clothes or buy my furniture at some posh store, but I've noticed more and more people judge themselves and others on where you live, what you drive and what designer's clothes are on your back.

A big waste of time, if you ask me. 'Cause my mudda does always say, 'yuh can't tek it wid yuh. So doan buil' up nuh treasures on earth.'

FYI, thanks for stopping by!

Jdid said...
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Jdid said...

he hey wha looka how you pack all dem clothes and aint pack nuh extra bividees in de bag. ya gine wear de same underwear fa a whole year. wuhloss! :-)

sorry had to delete previous comment

Melody said...

(LOL, Jdid 2 awful an' good!) Campfyah, ah woulda practise weight-liftin', get a giant backpack, put some air hole in it soh oxygen can get in, an' then ah woulda carry mi husband 'pon mi trip.
Material stuff is neither here nor there, really. It's fun to have, but ah can have fun just de same if ah don't have much--ah been there!!

Scratchie said...

I don't know what I'd carry. The only thing I would want to have and don't want to do without is my family.
I'm not too fussy over the other stuff. Heck, I drive a 13 year old car (happily).

Abeni said...

I would have to take my medication,a journal,reading material,camera,clothes.

If I see something I like I will buy it.Don't necessarily go an dbuy brand clothes but atthe same time I don't like clothes that everybody got one of.So middle ground I think.

Campfyah said...

Jdid, yuh ein see ah carrying muh toileteres bag, ah gine have ah few pairs ahh ammmeee what dem things de girls does wear, floss or sumthinng so...

Like most everyone else, material things are just that material. I can shop at Sacks 5th Ave as well as Bobbies (de bottom ah de line discount store in Bklyn, it's all relative. I've bought furniture pieces new, and I've bought them from thrift shops.

Burke said...

I hear what you're saying about the material stuff. I too like nice things, but I will definitely try to buy them on sale. Who cares if that person spent $699 for the item they bought; I can probably get the same item for $399. It's the bragging thing that gets to people.

Health and family are much more important things to me.

JayBee said...

i would bring mascara, a pair of jeans, my black danier jacket (both of which i would be wearing, so i still have room in my bag) and my camera. i would also bring a bagful of earlgrey tea, my journal, and pics of my parents and friends.

i say the things i have don't matter--and i've notived a lot of people say that, too, but i think it's crappola. cause none'a y'all can tell me that if you didn't lose your fave item of clothing or busted the strap on your favourite bag, or your dog peed on your favourite shoes you wouldn't be upset...

it doesn't mean that you covet things, but in all honesty it would upset you (even just a little) if these things went missing or were damaged.

i can't even front and say that i don't want a nice house and nice things to put in it, and i can't lie and say that i would like a pair of pretty diamonds for my ears. i would like these things. one day. and if i didn't acquire any of them, i won't die, either.

i would like a house though. not a mini mansion--just a place to call my own. if that makes me materialistic, the psssht, buy me the t-shirt and call it what it is.

Anonymous said...

Boy Camp....we all need material stuff in life....my car is pretty important because of what it does for me...gets me to and from work and to places where I can get R&R.

A nice krissas is welcome, however, as I doh plan to mortgage any motor vehicle, what I have at the moment (1998 Honda Integra) will do fine. It paid for long time. As long as it naw bruck down pon road. Who can drive top of the line....I happy for dem.

People who identify themselves by 'things' that they acquire will eventually come to realize that they can't keep you company when night falls, dem can't bring you a cuppa hot tea when you belly hurting and when you dead, dem don't gurantee you entry into God's Kingdom. So, mek dem stay deh.

What I'd a carry? Some shorts, T shirt, a comfortable pair of shoes/sneakers. Some VX? Who knows? Dr. D.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Material things don't mean one blast to me. Don't get me wrong, material necessities I don't mind one bit, but good health all the time. Well, if I were going on a trip for a year it would probablay be on a tropical island. Then it would be seven bathing suits, flip flops, sunscreen and credit card. Have a great day.

CoolDestiny said...

Your must have list sounds pretty much like mine.

Material things are essential for the comfortable life that God intended for us to live. It is when we start to idolize these items and do the unthinkable to attain them that we have a problem. For me, I like the beautiful things of life. However, if I'm not able to get it at the time I desire it then I do without until I am able to attain it.