04 March 2005


Gracias a Dios este viernes (Thank God it's Friday) Another Caracas uneventful weekend is upon us. Hope you guys have a great weekend wherever you'll be. We don't have any plans, but still another weekend means anoter week closer to our departure from here. Have I rubbed it in enuff on you all that I'm ready to leave here. OK, next week I'll be better.

Now for the disclaimer. The photo of my last blog. Now you all really didn't think that I'd post a pic of myslef like dat on the NET would you? No, that's Ms Miranda State, Venezuela for 2005. A black Trini girl, who was 1st runner up in the Ms Venezulean Beauty Contest. Notice ah sey a Black Trini, why ah emphasize on that is because she is a rarity. First off, she one ah we...ah West Indian ok, she Venezulean of Trinidian parentage, next thing she black and all natural (if wunna know what ah mean) when it comes tuh venezulean beauty shows and standards. So the other night we had the honor of being in her presence and what a beautiful young lady she was escorted and protected by her father. So there you have it, no more misconceptions about the photo. I look more like the photo accompanying my profile ha ha haha.

Other news from the land of arepetias. The Bolivar (venezulean currency) was devalued to the all time low of Bs 2,150 to the $1.00...when we came here about 3 half yrs ago the exchange rate ws Bs 756 = $1.00. and after the political upheaval, the currency has been taking a steady decline, and the cost of living a steady incline. I feel sorry for the poor people of this country including myself, who are at the mercy of the business people. Because the Bs 2,150 is the official banking rate, not the rate at which the merchants price their goods. You see goods and services are priced at the parallel market rate (black market) which is usually about double the official rate. Hence when we check, the parallel market rate is going to be something like Bs 3,000 or more. Did I mention that there is a seperate business for the buy and sale of foreign currency mostly the US dollar, outside of the offical system. Did I also mention that you can't have or obtain US $$$ in any form except through the central bank, and you need a reason why you need the currency. Foreign currency isn't accepted in any form at any place of business, yet the stores like to quote you prices in the $$$$ go figure. But hey it's not all good, but we gotta live hey and adbide.

Enjoy your weekend, and you NEners, Jdid, Scratchie, and others up north. keep warm and dry.


Scratchie said...

Hi Camp, you enjoy your weekend too. I know I'll be warm. We don't have any temperatures below 70 here in Jamaica. The dry part seems to be a feature of lately. Haven't seen rain in weeks. That parallel market thing is crabbit (ruff). We have a more liberal exchange system now but the rate still fluctuates from time to time. I can just imagine the prices.

Jdid said...

so you were hanging out with miss miranda state last week and you couldnt even whisper in her ear that you want the digits fa your fellow bloggers. cuhdear.

so far this weekend been ok. thought of you the other day as I was readinga SI article about baseball in Venuezula and how dangerous it is for the MLB stars and their families likehow urbina's mom was kidnapped. If I find it online will send you a copy

The Humanity Critic said...

Just passing through, great post..