07 March 2005

el tarde de lunes

I'm finally alive and kicking....yup..that's me, you really didn't expect to see a blog from me earlier today after I told you that I don't do mornings. I write better in the evening, if what you call what I ramble about writing. No I didn't spend the entire morning/day sleeping either. Today was just too hot for that, ,and it's an issue for me to turn on the AC to cool down the house. Anyhow after a two week hiatus, I went to the gym on Sat morning and did a vicious Tae-boxing class, man did I need that energy boost. You kno that a really good work out do boost your energy levels, no matter how tired you are when you start. cause like I was wacked when I walked into class on Sat morning... the instrutor was all full of energy and started out wid some jabs and leg lifts and I was there barely breathing. By half hr into the class with the music blaring... and the music really helps too, my matabolism kicked in the energy rose ah couple notches and I was good to go...the hr went by just too fast.

After class, we spent the rest of the day at a friend house, who has a huge back yard with pool and we kicked back played some games for couples and teenagers and just had a nice relaxing time. Some times the simplest pleasures in life is just doing simple things with friends and love ones. So the day/weekend was going along well, until I got home opened my mail and got the most annoying email...pissed me tuh hell off.

OK here goes. a while back I used to be part of a chat room.. for something like yrs, we had a good time and eventually a lot of us got to meet each other... good... then things started changing and new people came into the midst.. no problem.. but the whole atmosphere of the chat room started to change as the chats became less friendly and more personal in the sense of people trying to out do one another as to who has the most material things (remember my post on that subject), and what kind of social status ect. Then it was whoes views and opinions was the most valid and the know-it-all experts began to voice thier "expert" opinion on everythng and if you didn't agree it then became personally attacking your charcter. Now mind you, half of these people only know you through the internet and knew nothing of you personally.
So many of the folks from the original order began quitting the room, only makeing perodic visits and some completly quit altogehter. me being one of them.

So fast forward to Sat, or something over the week. It seems like the original room got shut down and the people left started to suffer withdrawl symptoms. So one of the original standing members... copied all the emails and started another board and invited all to attend. including me who was no longer a part of the group. I declined the invitation. Who tell me to respond by mail declining the invitation. No sooner than I responded to someone (not knowing that my response was in fact accepting me to be part of the group) did I get a private mail from another member attacking my character for not wanting to join the group. What the F....????

The same reason I left the original group and didn't want to join this new group, was the same reason I was being pulled into the sed group with verbal attacks. can you believe such mess. Pissed me tuh hell off... so instead of responding to the group. I responded to the person and told them. I have no interest in being a part of your group and you can go to hell (I'm being nice here, I actually told the person to go F themselves) and please take my name off your list and I left it at that. The same stupid person, took the personal mail and copied it to the group and the hence start some stupid back and forth verbal attacks on my looks, personality, character ect. The same thing that I wanted no part of in the first place. Mind you I've never seen or met this person a day in my lfe and that person as far as I know have never seen me, except for maybe a picture of long ago.

I wrote to the originator of the list and told them please take my name off your list as i have no interest in being a part of your group. Today, I opened my mailbox to over 20 msgs from the group in my box. I deleted all of them. Can you believe the nerve of some people. Is there no such thing as in ternet etiquette? Can people just assault you on the NET like that? Don't these people have a life. I mean, don't I have the right to decline my involvement in a group or chat room if I want?? what gives?

So that whole episode blew it for me for the rest of the fin de semnana. But It's All Good ... Thank goodness that there was church on Sunday and I was able to go and ask for forgveness for spewing such language to the unknown person who let the devil rise in me. As one of my good internet buddies told me, some people does just mek yuh sin yuh soul if yuh ein careful, and that person sure mek me sin mine Sat night. But it's over now, but I just wanted to share it with you all. There are weird, lawless, sick people out there on the internet and you just have to weed through them.

So I tarted off the week, on a positive note, mekking a promise and a pray that they ein mekking me sin my soul this week and went to the gym and did a excellent body sculpting and core board class. then went and got some pampering..manicure, pedicure ect...

Hasta manana !!!


Scratchie said...

I guess some people don't know when to quit. I think we all step over the line from time to time and that happens in any relationship. The reality is that we need to check ourselves and realise when we have stepped out of line. Sometimes it takes someone else to say "Hey, too far". If you realise someone isn't in for it or gets offended apologise and try to do better. Why the abuse? I probably would have done the same thing you did. Sometimes we all need to get off.

Abeni said...

That is why some people hate chat rooms you know.But that is some weird reaction.You must be really special so the group ent want to lose you:)

Jdid said...

well girl, i got some thoughts on the whole situation and was going to blog on it but decided to keep my thoughts to myself. all I will say is you dont live at nun a dem so dont let them aggravate your soul.

Campfyah said...

Jdid..go ahead and blog your spin on the situation. Get ah different idea.

Kami & Scratchie...people are people and we just gotta deal wid them according. But that is water unda de bridge fuh me now.

Anonymous said...

Camp....this sort of internet cas cas is only a reflection of what some of them people would be like in real life...so you better off without knowing or having anything to do with them. Kinda like the brawls amongst the types on the Jerry Springer show!

I've seen similar situations of cussing tekking place at some blogs in the past and I used to avoid them. Sure, there is nutten wrong with disagreeing with someone's point of view and having constructive arguments or exchange of ideas with a mutual respect for each other....but the cussing business....no sistren....avoid that. Lef dat to people who nuh have nutten constrcutive to do with dem time. Dr. D.