01 March 2005


ahhh boye the joys of sleeping. Now for all who really knows me, they know that I'm not a morning person. I like to sleep in the mornings. You can't get me up before 7:00 unless it's absolutely mandatory and even then I push my sleeping time to the maximun. I wake up, do the necessary of shower and dress and out the door. Breakfast dosen't even fall into that necessary. When I do crawl out of bed usually between 7:30 and 8:00, it's because the hubby is up preparing for work, and I feel dutified to help prepare his breakfast and lunch. But he knows that not to really expect it or engage me in any meaningful conversation because I'm still asleep.

Foturnately for me now, we don't have small ones in the house to worry about, and hubby dosne't have to be at work until 9:00. Given his mode of transportation and the distance from work, he usually leaves home between 8:30 and 9:00. I leave home much later. I vow when we return to the mainland, that I want a job that starts at 10:00 and ends at 6:00 and I still make a tonne of money...I guess I'm going to invent that job myself.

Anyhow, back to my sleeping. So I find that I get my best sleep in between 6:00 in the morning and 7:30, I mean real sweet sleep, sleep where you have these nice dreams that you don't want to wake up from. the temperature is nice, not too cold or too hot and the quiet morning sounds of birds chirrping, just adds to the pleasure of your morning sleep.

The hubby on the other hand is opposite from me, he likes to be up all hours of the night/morning. At 4:00 AM he'll get up and be writing, either doing work, reading or writing poetry. He's up at 6:00 going to the gym, doing his meditations ect. but when night comes and I'm alive with energy, he's ready to sleep. Two different biological clocks. He's tried to tell me to wake up early at least one mornning a week and meditate with him. I've tried, but just can't get it to work. my body just don't function in the morning.

I get up, take my coffee, do all kinds of non essential things, and finally about mid-day then my energy kicks in and I'm ready to go. I do my best work anytime after 3:00 PM and into the night. It is so weird that people operate like that. but I guess that' s what makes us unique human beigns. So as you know since it's early morning hey, I ein doing nuttin productive atall, besides checking my blogs, my emails, scanning the news. After midday, then I'll be up and doing someting productive.


Abeni said...

If you give me a chance I will sleep all day.Yup,am lazy like that.Don't think I fit any pattern though,you definitely don't seem to be a morning person:)

Scratchie said...

I'm a morning person. I'm like hubby, I like to do my stuff at 4;00 a.m.. Evening is sleep time.

Jdid said...

i used to be a nght person when i was in school now i more a morning person. actually to be perfectly honest i feel that i shud be sleeping during the day maybe frombout 11 till like 5 and then find a job dat i can work from bout 9pm till bout 6am. of course i wud gotta invent that

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Hubby sounds as if he has my schedule. When inspiration catch me-which is rare since I have a 9-5 job, I too burn the light in the wee mornings. Writing is a lonely, lonely business, and when you can't write, it torments you in your head that you haven't written that day. Have a great day.