02 March 2005

In the Slumps

Another beautiful day here in Caracas. The temps in the low 80's, the skies clear blue and full of clouds. A bit of clouds hoovering over the top of the Avila mountain range, but for the most part another wonderful day. So why am I in the slumps? No friggin idea. Was too lazy to make my morning trip to the gym. That makes ah week and half since I've gone to the gym. I'll try to make the class this evening. I guess we all have some of these days. Some days you are full of energy and some days it's a stay in bed all day long and watch movies. I'm conteplating that for today. But I have a lunch to attend, so it's a no can do.

I am trully ready to leave hear and been telling hubby that almost daly. We think we'll be gone by summer and boy am I looking forward to that. As our job has it, we don't know where our next location will be. but we have our sights on somewhere in the North East. So as we were making guestimations and the likes, we sey, man would we love tuh be in the NE, but seeing the weather reports of late, we thinking...lordeee alla dah snow gonna kill we. We get spoiled living down hey.

Ah mean, right now alla de windows in de house open, de fresh wind just blowing off de balcony. who wouldn't like dat. in the night we naah seelp wid doors nor windows closed. Our bedroom is situated such as there is a garden off the bedroom with a sliding glass low window/door. The only time that window gets closed is when it raining hard, otherwise, it wide open, we even got so spoiled that we don't even close de curtains, so in the middle of the night, the curtains and window open and we sleeping wid nice fresh breeze blowing in...cool nuh..but all good things gotta come tuh an end and living in such nice weather is one of them.

Despite de relatively nice living conditions, never mind the culture leaves a lot tuh be desired. I redy to return tuh de mainland as I does call it. so I guess my fustrations was getting the best of me lately, cause laziness been taking hold. I gotta shake this off real fast. so hopefully tonight when ah go to the gym (tae boxing class) I gonna have some renewed energy and spirit. Until then I gotta keep productive and continuing praying for our relocation to the NE.


Scratchie said...

I know the questions. It's a determining factor for me right now. I don't know if I have the stamina to deal with the northern weather at all especially after living in the tropics all my life.

Jdid said...

an when ya get back haso ya gine miss the warm weather real bad ya kno

maybe with luck they send wunnah back to bim.

Anonymous said...

The open door thing sounds very nice. Back North? Hmmm.... Dr. D.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Hope you 're feeling better today. Lovely that you can sleep with your windows and doors open. I love sleeping like that but not fortunate. But I promised myself the next house I get I'll be able to sleep outside under the stars. Have a great day.